AEM Infinity 506 Plug & Play Individual Cylinder Knock Control

The 2JZ has proven to be one of the most reliable and “easy to make power” engine platforms ever built. With a stock bottom end that will hold over 1000hp and plenty of affordable aftermarket parts the JZ series engines have proved their place in history.

With the release of the AEM Infinity ECU many 2JZ owners have been on the hunt for a good plug and play 2JZ to AEM Infinity ecu adapter harness. With the Plug and Play harnesses from Velocity Element starting at only $488 a full Infinity ems and wiring harness for a 2JZ starts at less than $1900! Have a 1JZ or 2JZ VVTI or 2JZGE? Not a problem, Velocity Element has harness options for you with full Plug n Play 2jz vvti AEM Infinity harness that supports Infinity controled VVTi and OEM DBW throttle bodies found on the jdm 2jz vvti engines. 

***As of August 2016 AEM has released a Plug n Play 2JZ Infinity 6 adapter harness for only $534. Purchase AEM infinity EMS with Plug N Play harness and get a free start up calibration specific to your engine build/set up only from Brewed Motorsports.***

2jz aem infinity 6 plug play kit

One of my favorite 2JZ projects from 2016 has to be this 3.4L stroker MK4 Supra that came into the shop in less than perfect condition. Originally built by a “big name” shop almost 10 years ago and passed down through a couple new owners, it was not surprising to find a few things that needed to be addressed before replacing the old series 1 AEM with a new Infinity 6 and VE plug n play adapter harness.

The Infinity EMS is truly a budget friendly motorsports based engine management system featuring: VE “Volumetric Efficiency” based tuning, internal Wide band controllers, CAN input/output, Anti Lag control, Launch control, NLS, rolling launch, individual cylinder Knock control, flawless boost control, DBW and more. Upgrading to the Infinity on this particular car greatly improved the drivability, fuel economy and reliability through boost by gear, traction control, individual cylinder knock control, oil pressure/temp and water temp engine safety features. A VE flex fuel sensor kit was also installed in preparation for further tuning on Ethanol fuel blends down the road.

2jz bc stroker supra

MK4 Toyota Supra 2JZ

Infinity Knock Control

The Infinity’s individual cylinder knock control coupled with a VE dual knock sensor kit delivers a clear “tunable” frequency, flat response or “wide band knock sensor” knock signal. This high resolution engine noise data can then be fine tuned even further calculating precise ignition/fuel changes per individual cylinder.

Velocity Element knock sensor kit

Sounds great, but what does this mean for your engine?

By using the VE wide band knock sensor kit and harness through a proper calibration we are able to fine tune each cylinder through the Infinity EMS for peak performance and reliability. The Individual cylinder knock monitoring also allows us to monitor which cylinders are prone to problems, aka “unhappy cylinder”. By trimming fuel and ignition per cylinder we are able to keep each cylinder “happy” ensuring all cylinders get exactly the fuel/ignition timing they need for peak cylinder pressure without any pre ignition or detonation (knock).

The data logs below clearly show a pull when the Infinity is picking up some knock from cylinders 1 and 5 and a pull where the tune/Infinity have better balanced each cylinder and the knock control does not need to make any changes.

AEM Infinity tune
Cylinder 1 and 5 starting to pick up some noise.


AEM Infinity tuning
All cylinders balanced, no engine noise from any cylinders.

Notice the first log you can see cylinder 1 & 5 just starting to pick up some engine noise while the other cylinders remain very quiet. In the second log after further tuning you can see where all cylinders are “quiet” and better balanced. This data is extremely useful and allows us to fine tune an engine further with more reliability than ever before.

This same engine on another ECU without the flat response/wide band knock sensors would not have been able to pick up this small amount of engine noise let alone assign it to individual cylinders. Correctly setting up individual cylinder trims and fine tuning knock control to this level requires both dyno and Track or “off road” driving data. All Brewed Tunes for Infinity EMS dyno or E-tune cover this critical portion of the tune to ensure the best performance possible. Click here for a closer look at the VE Knock sensor kit.

Keep your eyes peeled for this Supra on the streets this summer/fall and get ready to see what the 3.4L 2JZ will do with some Ethanol and VE alcohol based race fuel this winter.

Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

If you need more help getting AEM Infinity set up, custom Base Map or your current tune dialed in check out our E-tune options and feel free to contact us any time. Don’t have an Infinity? No problem we tune just about everything, click here to check out our tuning services for more details.

Data Log: a recording of engine sensor data used to diagnose, tune or trouble shoot an EFI engine.

Knock: a frequency, sound, vibration from an internal combustion engine, often used to describe pre ignition or detonation

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