2jz & 1jz-gte Best Modifications

Here at Brewed we have been building/tuning the 1JZ and 2JZ engines for customers around the world who want reliable power they can enjoy for years to come. Needless to say the legendary Toyota 1JZ & 2JZ are well proven platforms that will handle HUGE power even on the stock GTE block/internals.

Starting in the 90s Toyota produced a wide range of JZ engines not all of which are the same. In this article we will cover build options from wild to mild for ALL JZ platforms including 2JZ-GTE and 2JZGE non VVTI and VVTI engines.

While the turbo 2JZ-GTE is always the more desirable engine the NA 2JZGE vvti found in MANY Lexus/Toyota’s including the IS300 is a budget friendly way to enter the 2JZ market with a ton of potential. We regularly make 400-500HP on NA-t 2JZ builds using our ECU and Fuel System packages.

2JZ 1000HP Response Package:

The parts listed above are a perfect combination for any JZ engine looking for good response and big top end power potential. With a set of BC cams/springs this package will support 1000HP on a 2JZ-GTE stock block. This same package will also support 450-500WHP on a 2JZ-gGE NA-T at only 10-15psi keeping the stock NA internals safe while giving you plenty of headroom for more power once the engines internals are upgraded to forged pistons and rods.

If you don’t see the parts you have been dreaming of using on your 2JZ please send us an email or give us a call. We are happy to discuss your build to ensure you get exactly the parts that best match your goals for your build and driving style.  

is300 aem infinity package
IS300 running our plug n play ECU package, ID1050 xds injectors and a Borg Warner turbo.

Below are just a few of our most popular and race proven 1JZ / 2JZGTE / 2JZGE parts and packages along with a special coupon code to help you save some $$ on your next order.

  • Haltech Elite 2500 ECU: We offer plug and play harness options for ALL 1JZ and 2JZ engines for the Elite 2500 ECU. 
  • AEM 5 bar MAP sensor (reliable MAP sensor for up to 55psi of boost)
  • AEM 150psi fuel pressure sensor (Used for Injector flow compensation trim and Engine protection strategies)
  • 3 port electric boost control solenoid (ebcs allows ECU to control boost target, very important for engine safety) 
  • AEM in tank high flow fuel pump (e85/ethanol safe fuel pump)
  • E-tune Haltech Once your parts are installed we can remotely E-tune any JZ engine for you. Starting with a custom base map a complete E-tune is done through email, data logs and calibration revisions over 10-15 days. Those competing in Motorsports may also take advantage of our extended Race Car support package with extended data log analyses to ensure your engine is running smooth throughout the race season.
  • Get $50 off any Injector Dynamics order with coupon code: hohu50
  • Get $100 off any ECU + Dash OR Wiring Harness with coupon code: hohu100

Secrets to a Reliable 2JZ 

Making reliable power on the 2JZ is quite easy as long as you follow the basic recipe and ensure you are using high quality parts in your build. Investing in the right parts now not only saves you time is also saves you money in the long run!

In this post we will cover the key parts ALL 1jz / 2JZGTE and 2JZGE engines need to use to make reliable power. These are the same parts used to make 1000+HP on a big single turbo 2JZGTE or 4-500HP on a stock block 2JZGE NA-T build.

From drifting to Drag to Time Attack every high power JZ will use the parts below. 

Tuned by Brewed

1JZ / 2JZ ECU Packages

As with any engine arguably the most important aspect of making reliable power is the ECU and tune for the engine. The ECU (engine control unit) monitors all engine sensors and controls the fuel, timing and boost based on the tune or calibration file saved inside the ECU.

Here at Brewed we have tuned countless 2JZ engines on a huge range of ECUs. Through our hands on experience and track testing we have developed the best ECU packages for every 1JZ and 2JZ application including:

These ECU packages are available complete with plug and play wiring harnesses or ECU only so you can build your own harness to the exact specification you need for your application.

For those who want a complete turn key package we offer remote setup and tuning services for all our ECU packages.

All of our 2JZ ECUs feature multiple engine protection strategies to keep your engine safe and running strong for years to come. Fuel pressure, oil pressure, knock, boost and AFR are all used in our engine protection strategies for our Motec, Haltech and AEM ecu kits.

2jz bc stroker supra

1JZ / 2JZ Fuel System

The OEM 2JZGTE, 2JZGE and 1JZ fuel injectors are small, while they work if you are planning to make any real power gains you will want to upgrade to Injector Dynamics injectors.

For 400-600HP JZ builds the ID1050x Injectors are a perfect match.

If you’rE planning to make 600-800HP we use the ID1300x.

For 800-1200HP we have the ID1700x

1200HP+ 2jz builds can use the ID2600-xds injectors.

is300 radium fuel rail

If you don’t want to use the OEM 2JZ top feed fuel rail we offer the Radium engineering 2JZGTE high flow fuel rail to match your new ID injectors perfectly.

The Radium fuel rail features optional DMR and FPD + a port for one of our 150psi fuel pressure sensors that is then used within the ECU as an engine protection strategy to keep your engine safe under all conditions.

When it comes to the fuel pump choice for your JZ engine we have you fully covered with high flow in tank fuel pumps, Inline fuel pumps and mechanical fuel pumps for those 1500+hp methanol burning JZ builds.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post featuring all your favorite Turbos, Turbo Manifolds and Intake Manifolds for the 2JZ and 1JZ engines.

7 thoughts on “Best 1jz & 2jz Mods, 2JZ-GTE Build Guide

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      yes we work with a lot of G35 for a wide range of use including drag, drift and time attack. Depending on the engine you are using we have a few ECU options to choose from. We also support customers around the world with parts and tuning services. We can remote tune “E-tune” or travel to your location and tune in person.
      Feel free to send us an email or call when you are ready to pick up an ECU and start tuning, we are here and happy to support.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      yes we can do remote tuning no problem for any location in the world. We also offer a few ECU packages for the G35/350Z, please send us an email we are happy to get you all setup with a package and tune.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      We offer a wide range of parts for the 1jz Crown including engines, turbo kits, fuel systems, ECU packages and more. Please send us an email we are happy to get you setup with everything you need to complete your Crown/1jz project.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Yes that is a very possible engine swap. If you are looking for a turn key package for a running/driving Genesis Coupe with a 2jzgte swap please send us an email we are happy to provide that type of service.
      We would use one of our Motorsports ECU packages complete with ECU, sensors and digital dash as well as a custom wiring harness. From there the other parts used will depend on your power goals and driving style/what you use the car for.

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