Here is a good example of a fuel map with a huge spike and VERY tight RPM scaling. This is how a secondary cam lobe (low/high cam, VTEC, VVL, etc.) fuel map looks when matched with a roots type/twin screw super charger that creates full boost at any RPM.

Normally the high cam transition area looks much smoother in a fuel map but the air flow from the SC changes that. You can also see how much boost drops when the engine switches cam profiles.

While switching to the “high cam” at a lower rpm will move more air through the engine (thanks to the SC/cam profile) the power will not increase due to lack of RPM and profile of the “high cam”

AEM VTEC tuning log

The Honda S2000 F20 and F22 engines use Honda’s VTEC dual cam profile system

Honda S2000
Full Race Turbo Honda S2000

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