When AEM Electronics started developing the Infinity EMS, they threw the rule book out the window and took everything they learned from the development of the series 1 and 2 EMS and expanded upon them tenfold. AEM set out to develop one of the fastest processing high-end motorsports capable systems at a price point that even the weekend racer could afford. The AEM Infinity EMS line have proven themselves to be incredibly capable standalone engine management systems throughout a variety of racing: drag, drift, rally, circuit, off-road, marine applications and of course weekend warriors. There are engines across the world equipped with Infinity EMS’s winning races every weekend, isn’t it about time you claimed your place on the podium.

infinity 6 ems2

Why do all the Brewed builds run an AEM EMS?

Here at Brewed we’ve tuned countless engines from all different manufacturers with the Infinity EMS’ and continue to be blown away by the ECU’s performance. From fully-built race cars to those just wanting to make sure their engines are running safely for years to come the Infinity offers a host of great tuning features that allows tuners to make sure the engine is running efficiently and reliably at all times.

AEM Infinity EMS fail safe features:

  1. Oil pressure fail safe
  2. Fuel pressure fail safe
  3. Coolant temp fail safe
  4. Lean protection
  5. Over boost protection
  6. Individual Cylinder knock control (Click the link for more details on Infinity Knock tuning)
  7. Custom fail safe tuning available depending on application

Another key feature found standard on the AEM Infinity is the fully sealed single MOLEX MX connector for the AEM Infinity 506 (30-7106) and Infinity 508 (30-7108) EMS, or dual MOLEX connectors for the AEM Infinity Series 708 (30-7101), Infinity 710 (30-7100), and Infinity 712 (30-7123) EMS’. Making the Infinity work with your application is entirely possible and now thanks to the Plug and Play harnesses whether you’re running a simple 4 cylinder or a V12 w/ dual drive by wire throttle bodies there is an easy to use AEM Infinity EMS that will suit all your needs. Of course for those looking to build a custom engine wiring harness there are a number of great options to get you started and we keep all the wiring supplies you will need in stock.

Infinity 8 10 12 ems2

By installing the Plug and Play adapter harness that is fully sealed and completely waterproof, you’ll have the ability to easily add more features quickly without having to splice into any wiring. The adapter harness includes an AEMNet port you’ll have the ability to easily add optional AEMNet accessories such as the AEMNet CAN Bus gauge (30-0312) which allows you to easily display any engine parameters the Infinity is receiving. For those track days you can also integrate the AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (30-2203) which enables you to create track maps using AEMdata’s track mapping software to make sure you are pushing the car to its full potential and you are getting the best times you possibly can out of your setup. The Plug and Play adapter harness also includes an expansion port which uses a high-performance DTM-style 12 pin connector which allows the addition of sensors not found on the engines from the factory. Easily add oil pressure, oil temp, fuel pressure, ethanol content, and more.

AEM Infinity Plug and Play Adapter Harness Solutions for Honda applications:

AEM Infinity Honda OBD1 harness

1992-1995 Honda / Acura OBD1 Engine applications – Will work for all B series, D series, and H series engines (30-3501)


30 3509 aem infinity 5 plug and play ecu honda obd2

AEM Infinity harness for 1999-2001 Honda / Acura OBD2B Engine applications – Will work for all B series, D series, and H series engines using OBD2B engine harness and accessories (30-3509)

The Plug and play Infinity EMS/harness for all OBDI and OBDII Honda: B16, B18, B20, D15, D16, H22 and H23 opens up a world of opportunity. Easily install COP (coil on plug) ignition wired directly to the Infinity, set up individual cylinder closed loop knock control and enjoy the flawless internal boost control. You will also get all the engine safety/fail safe features standard (with the added sensors necessary for each fail safe). For those looking for the highest level of performance don’t forget about the traction control and Anti Lag options!


30 3502 aem infinity honda k series plug n play harness

AEM Infinity harness for 2001-2005 Honda / Acura K Series engines (30-3502)

The K series engine has proven to be one of the best platforms Honda has ever built, thanks in part to the cylinder head design featuring variable valve timing and variable cam lobes. Tuning the K series engine on an Infinity gives perfect cam position control and extremely accurate ignition and fueling calculations well over 10,000rpm. Using the closed loop individual cylinder knock control/fuel trims will allow your tuner to safely squeeze out every last bit of power whether you have a high compression NA build or a big turbo on methanol. Once again for any drag racers out there, the Infinity’s traction control will help you shave time off that 1/4. ***DON’T FORGET ABOUT ANTI LAG options and tuning on the Infinity EMS.***


30 3508 aem infinity honda s2000 plug and play harness

Honda S2000 AEM Infinity plug n play ECU & Harness (30-3508)

Honda S2000

The S2000 is hands down my favorite car/engine ever produced by Honda. The F series (F20 and F22) is closely related to the K series engine, however, Honda gave the F series a little extra love – after all the engine was built for racing. Install the plug and play Infinity harness/ECU on an S2000 in less than 30 minutes and then add all the extra sensors and features you need. My personal favorites for a supercharged or turbo S2000 are VE wide band knock kit, fast response AIT sensor, 3.5 bar MAP, Flex fuel and of course the the Bosch 4.2LSU O2 sensor. Tuning an Infinity “brained” F series engine on a Throttle vs RPM fuel map with a manifold compensation trim gives HUGE resolution for the tuner allowing for very accurate fueling no matter what RPM, TPS or boost level. This is a very important aspect of any track car! Check out our latest Full-Race EFR turbo S2000 build tuned on a plug and play AEM Infinity 6 ems with full flex fuel support.

If you have any questions about an AEM Infinity EMS or Plug and Play EMS package for your project feel free to contact us with any questions and/or requests. If you don’t see what you need for your application, do not hesitate to contact us, we can more than likely come up with a plug and play solution for your application!

2 thoughts on “AEM Infinity Plug n Play EMS Honda S2000, K20, K24, B18, D16

  1. Jim Cox says:

    I am in need to have lume built for an S2000 being installed in a diff car, a Triumph gt6….with a Honda F20 C……I need your help badly

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Custom engine harnesses are no problem, they start at $1150 and we can build them for just about any combination you need.
      Please use our “contact us” form and send me an email if you need a custom harness.

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