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How to Choose the best 2jz/1jz Clutch

This article will help guide all 2JZ and 1JZ owners to the best matched clutch kit for their build, transmission, and driving style. Whether you are planning your first power mods or your JZ is already making big power with an aftermarket turbo we have the perfect clutch kit to support your project. If you’re looking to make more power from your 2JZ/1JZ have a read through: Best Modifications for 1JZ & 2JZ

We at Brewed Motorsports have used and tested clutch kits from every major manufacturer on the market. Over all the years of testing we have consistently had the best and most reliable results using Clutch Masters and Exedy. With over 15 years of hands-on experience using the full Clutch Masters line up on a huge range of 2JZ and 1JZ builds we are confident CM has the best clutch options for any JZ build. For those who would like to use another brand we recommend Exedy Clutches from our partners at FFrides. For us, Clutch Masters has been our go-to for clutches due to their high quality made in USA construction, reliability, long life, serviceability, and easy to source replacement parts. Exedy comes in a close second only due to the limited friction materials and lack of easy to source replacement parts. 

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Best 2JZ and 1JZ Clutch for Lightly modified cars 

If you’re driving a stock or lightly modified 2JZ/1JZ and want better clutch performance/holding power with OEM pedal feel, Clutch Masters FX100 is perfect for you. This Clutch is super driver friendly with OEM like engagement and super smooth feel with the ability to hold 15% more torque than the OEM clutch. 

**NOTE: OEM V160 2JZ Flywheel is a DMF (dual mass flywheel) and must use DMF specific clutch kit with a solid hub disk. If you convert to a SMF (single mass flywheel) in Steel or SMF in Aluminum you can use clutch kits with sprung hubs. Contact us with any questions regarding DMF vs SMF clutch kits!** 

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2JZ & 1JZ Clutches 400-600HP 

Once your JZ has some more “serious mods” such as: Injector Dynamic’s 1050cc injectors, Haltech 2JZ Standalone, and a custom E-tune, an upgraded clutch is key to reliably holding the power. At this power level 380hp+ we highly recommend the FX200 and FX350 clutch kits. Choosing between the FX200 – FX300 is dependent on what the driver wants most out of their clutch as to pedal feel and initial bite.  

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JZ FX200 Clutch (Stage 1 power) 

While having similar pedal feel to the stock clutch and FX100, will not only hold 20% more torque but also last 2-3 times the longer due to the Kevlar clutch disc material. The FX200 is the ideal clutch for bold on mods + custom E-tune for anyone that wants a super long life clutch that has a nice soft smooth pedal feel. 

image 2

JZ FX250 Clutch (stage 2 power) 

With the FX250 clutch you will have similar pedal feel to the FX100 and FX200, while using Clutch Masters custom “Fiber Tough” friction surface for slightly higher torque holding capacity while also being street-able. This is a slightly more aggressive friction material than the FX200 and is perfect for those that want a solid/fast engagement on hard shifts. 

image 9

JZ FX300 Clutch (Stage 3 Power) 

The FX300 is our last option when it comes to an OEMlike “street-able” feel for a single plate clutch kit. The FX300 has slightly more torque holding capacity than the FX250 as well as a slightly more aggressive engagement. This is one of our most popular Clutch kits for any JZ making 350-400HP. The FX300 is soft enough to use in a daily driver but holds up great to weekend track days, autocrosses and the occasional drag racing.  

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JDM 2jz-gte Non VVTi

Motorsports Stage 3+ 2JZ Clutch Options 500HP+ Track use

If you find yourself in this category, you probably have a built blocks and running our JZ Haltech ECU package or JZ Motec ECU package. There are only 4 good options if you’re using your JZ platform for serious competition racing and motorsports. These 4 options are the FX350, FX400, FX500, or one of Clutch Masters Twin Disk clutch kits. The clutch kits hold up to 40% more torque and offer a super-fast on and off engagement with stiffer than stock pedal feel. They will have some chatter, aggressive engagement, and are not normally recommended for street driving.  

image 4

JZ FX350 

The FX350 is our first step into clutches designed for racing. The FX350 offers decent pedal feel with only some light clutch chatter. These Clutch discs feature the Fiber Tough material and increased rigidity, this is one of the more driver friendly clutch kits when it comes to single plate clutches that are meant for motorsports use.  

image 10

JZ FX400 6 Puck 

The FX400 is one of the first clutch kits with a ceramic friction surface. With this you can expect increased torque holding capacity over any aforementioned clutch kits. You may also experience chatter in reverse and very quick engagement. This sprung 6 puck design being one of the more aggressive clutch discs compared to the segmented version. 

image 7

JZ FX400 Segmented Disk 

This clutch kit has a similar torque holding capacity of the 6 puck version, but with this full face design you can expect smoother engagement in first gear and reverse compared to the 6 puck version of the FX400. This full face sprung clutch disc is one of the best options for those who want super fast engagement but a smooth enough feel to daily drive. 

image 1

JZ FX500 

This is the most aggressive single disc clutch kits that Clutch Masters Offers. This is certainly recommended for race only due to the un-sprung 6 puck clutch disc. This is the ultimate single disc for your JZ setup for racing and ready to hold up to 600+hp! 

image 8

2jz Twin Disc Clutch kits  

The 850 series (race or street) for the 2JZ and 1JZ is the ultimate clutch kit for anyone making serious power. Clutch Masters 850 race series clutches will support 1000+ hp with no issues. The biggest thing to consider when choosing your twin disc Clutch Masters for your JZ is deciding if you would prefer the Street or Race version. We at Brewed highly recommend the street twin disk kits are used for street driven vehicles. The Racing kit will have a fast/stiff engagement due to the 2 ceramic clutch discs vs the street kit having one organic and one ceramic disk. 

JZ Twin Disk Clutches: 


If you need additional help choosing the correct clutch kit for your 2JZ & 1JZ’s give us a call! For a complete run down of all the CM clutches and applications checkout: Clutch Masters Clutch kits explaining all the Clutch Masters models/offerings. 

2JZ Best Clutch Options

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