What is E-tuning and does it work?

E-tune or E-tuning: to create a custom ECU/EMS calibration/map for an engine/car through the internet (from a remote location). This process usually requires data logs to be sent through email to the tuner who will review said data logs and email an updated calibration/map back to the customer/car.

Why E-tune?

E-tuning has opened up opportunities for people in remote locations without any trusted local “tuner”. Brewed E-tunes are a safe, reliable way to get your car professionally tuned no matter where you live. Over the past 7 years E-tuning has become increasing popular with both our international and domestic customers. Brewed Motors offers E-tune support for just about every ECU or EMS on the market and we stand by our tunes so if you ever have a problem simply email over a data log!

Supercharged S54 M3 Etune update:

We recently finished E-tuning a supercharged E46 M3 running a built high compression motor with 284* cams on pump gas somewhere in lovely SE Asian. This car is running the E46 M3 specific plug and play Infinity Series 708 EMS along side the Plug and Play Adapter Harness tuned by Brewed Motors via our standard E-tune service.

Tuning the E46 M3 provides some unique challenges however using the Infinity EMS we are able to dial in the variable cam timing in a close loop system to ensure on target cam timing every time. The individual cylinder knock control and fuel trims allow us to safely squeeze every last HP from the engine providing cylinder specific ignition and fueling adjustments.

Of course, we can’t forget the Infinity EMS also allows the OEM steering wheel controls to be used to change between maps for pump gas, economy and water meth injection. 

BMW M3 AEM infinity ems tune

GTX42R turbo S54 M3 E-tune coming soon!

Next month we have another built E46 M3 ready for Tuning, this one is a large single turbo “drag” car with the DP and waste gate dump straight out the hood. (Get ready for lots of firing anti-lag on this M3)!

This M3 is also trusting the AEM Infinity EMS to be its “brains”. With a motor built for high boost, this GT42R powered M3 is going to be a monster on the streets of Central America. More pictures and updates from the turbo M3 coming soon. 

BMW M3 Tuning

If you need more help getting your AEM set up, custom base map or your current tune dialed in check out our AEM E-tune service and feel free to contact us any time.

Don’t have an AEM EMS? No problem we tune just about everything, click here to check out all of our tuning services for more details. 

Brewed E-tuned R32 GT-R testing the last 3 E-tune calibrations on the dyno

2 thoughts on “BMW M3 AEM Infinity EMS and E-tune

  1. Luis cuellar says:

    I’m looking to buy a AEM Infinity 7-series EMS Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness for 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 (M/T Only) mine got damaged and AEM said that those are repairables

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      the AEM Infinity kit is unfortunately discontinued now but we have Motec M1 options available. I will email you about it.

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