S13 drift car KA24 EFR Turbo testing

In Part 1 of this series we installed a BorgWarner EFR 6258 turbo replacing the Garrett Turbo in the Brewed S13 and shared all the sexy secrets surrounding the new Borg Warner EFR series turbo charger. Now it’s simply time for some fun… take a moment to enjoy some sliding.

Unfortunately, it seems there was a shortage of lights for this Friday night Drift and Drag event creating some very dark spots on the track for our GoPro.

After dropping the BorgWarner EFR 6258 onto the Full Race manifold (replacing a Garrett G25) we quickly re-mapped the AEM EMS and hit the track.

The first impression was we still maintained great response but really picked up a good amount of top end power. Where the T25 fell off the 6258 EFR just kept pulling.

This made for a very linear power band and was great for the street as well as sliding on the track. It was very predictable with plenty of power on tap any time you touch the throttle.

Another thing we noticed (actually spectators noticed) was the sound the EFR made while spooling and under boost. The EFR sounded very aggressive as it spooled and came into boost. This was certainly not your run-of-the-mill turbo.

Here is some day time footage, with all the sounds of the engine and turbo:

As expected, we made it through the night at the track without a hitch, just a long night of driving, sliding and hanging out with friends. The EFR turbo also got a lot of attention. Being so new, unique and performing so well, everyone was interested to talk and learn more about it.

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