Here are Brewed Motorsports we love to hear from our customers. We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver as well as their projects.

Chad Lampano is a fellow sliding enthusiast we were lucky enough to meet and drive with down in Phoenix, Arizona at the monthly Drift and Drag events held at Firebird International Raceway. We recently caught up with him to ask a few questions about what keeps him involved in the automotive scene we all love.

When did your passion for cars begin?

I guess my true passion for cars began when I was just a kid. I always played with Hot Wheels and would look outside the window of my school bus trying to identify cars and what made them so unique. Of course I had my eye set on exotic cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche, etc. I got into the building process when I got my first R/C car and realized that I liked to get the car sideways instead of keeping it straight.

What is your favorite type of motorsport to participate in?

Well to be honest the only motorsport I do is drifting so it has to be it. I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle or something cool like that.

Tell me about your current project or projects?

Well my current project, (not yet completely wrapped up) is my 89 Nissan 240sx. It was the first car that I owned. I drove my car hard for almost 4 years of owning it, taking it to track events in AZ with a rebuilt SOHC KA. It did what I needed the car to do but could of always used more. I set up the suspension on my own it is pretty much fully adjustable arms with the exception of rear traction rods. As of right now I’m going through a build if you would call it that. I cut the stock front tubs out and welded some nice BIG tubs in. I changed suspension parts and shortened/relocated fuse boxes, blah blah blah. My engine is going to be a redtop SR20DET with slight internal modifications. The bottom end is going to be basically stock and the head is pretty much Brian Crower valvetrain. The turbo set up is a GT2871 .63AR, Silkroad manifold and I’m going to make my own exhaust from the downpipe back. As for engine tuning I decided to go with AEM. I picked up the AEM EMS V2 from Eric from Brewed Motorsports with all the needed goodies to go along with it.

What are your end goals for your project cars/builds?

My goal for my car is to be somewhat close to 400 WHP and torque. I want to compete but mainly just built to have fun.

What are a few of the major inspirations for your builds?

I think my main inspiration for my build is just seeing what I can do. I can honestly say nothing beats the feeling of seeing/driving what you have built from the ground up.

Besides cars what do you do for fun?

You could say I’m an avid fisherman. When I’m not working on my car you could probably find me at a lake, river, or the ocean. I like to hang out with friends and be outside.

Do you have many close friends or family that share your passion for motorsports?

I have quite a few close friends all over the west coast who I share my passion of drifting with. Mainly they are back in Arizona where I found my true passion for drifting. Recently my brother got interested in drifting but has yet to try it out for his own liking. I have friends back here in Washington who are into drifting but I can say there are a select few who that I can call my close friends. The thing with motorsports/drifting I will always make friends through this sport and will continue to be friends with them regardless if they drop the sport.

What is your dream car, project or build?

To be honest I couldn’t tell you. There are so many cars I would love to get my hands on that I couldn’t just pick one!

Where would you like to be in the world of internal combustion engines/motorsports in 3 years? Any personal goals set?

Well if I don’t join the military I would like to be somewhere on the podium at a grassroots event series or even at Formula D. My main goal every day or at every event is to just have fun and at the end of the day go home safe and find room for improvement.

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