Addressing the EPA regulations with your modified Subaru.

On april 18th Cobb changed everything. Long story short Cobb Tuning removed a lot from their software functionality per EPA regulations and the software is now much different and more limited only supporting the areas allowed by the EPA. While the new software update limits some things we are still tuning Cobb AP daily and making great power! Cobb is also currently developing new CANbus based flex fuel kits among other power adding parts that will all fit within the EPA’s new regulations. We will be offering special pricing for all returning customers making updated modifications to best utilize the new Cobb AP abilities and Cobb’s green speed program.

cobb ap etune sti

We of course are here to support you with you Cobb AP or any other engine management system you choose to use. We normally use full Motorsports grade ECU packages such as: Plug n Play Motec M150 ecu package 08+ sti as well as plug and play Haltech ecu package for race cars looking to maintain functions like flex fuel but also add motorsports controls and engine safety strategies. Again we are also continuing support for cobb AP with Etunes and live tuning. For those using Cobb you will be forced to stay with the limitations of new Cobb Green speed update. Not to fear though, we are making great power with WRX and STI’s fully equipped with all emissions equipment including OEM downpipe!

Below are just a few of our most popular and race proven STI, WRX parts and packages along with a special coupon code to help you save some $ on your next order. Please note we are proudly offering all of Cobb Tunings latest products including EPA/CARB approved intakes and exhausts for all turbo Subaru applications. If you need help modifying your car to get back into compliance with the green speed initiative please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to supply any aftermarket OR OEM Subaru part you need. 

cobb carbon fiber intake


Those planning to continue to use the Cobb AP will need to re install all OEM emissions equipment including TGV’s, secondary air pump and EGR. Please note while most people remove these parts there is actually NO need to do so. Non of these emission related items hurt or effect engine performance they are simply there to help keep the emissions low under normal use like idle and cruising conditions. 
If you need any help getting an OEM or aftermarket part for your Subaru don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you get the most out of your Subi all while staying within the guidelines set by the EPA keeping you safe and our air clean.  

Injector Dynamics Sizing for all Cobb AP Subaru WRX and STI:

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