Update 2024: The all new Cobb Flex Fuel packages are in stock and shipping out daily. Cobb Flex Fuel Kits cover all 2008-2021 STIs and Cobb CAN Flex Fuel Kits for all 2015-2021 WRXs. If you would like to make an easy 400-600 HP simply use the Flex Fuel kit, injectors/pump, intake and turbo listed below. Those looking for over 600hp for use in Motorsports competition can use our Motec ECU packages listed below. We also offer Haltech, Link and Emtron ECU packages for the STI WRX.

These NexGen flex fuel kits and CAN Flex Fuel Kits allow us to custom tune for any blend of gasoline/ethanol based fuels. This means you can fill up with E85, flex fuel, E10, E20 or normal gasoline and drive away smooth as butter thanks to the Flex Fuel sensor and custom Flex Fuel E-tune aka Pro-tune. Below you can choose from the Plug n Play Cobb Flex Fuel packages to use with the OEM ECU and Cobb AccessPort. For STIs, along with the Flex Fuel sensor package you will also want to upgrade your fuel injectors to the ID1300x injectors listed below. These are the exact injectors found in the Cobb Fuel system kits.

April 18th 2022: Cobb changed everything. Long story short Cobb Tuning removed a some of their software functionality related to emissions equipment per EPA regulations and the software is now more limited, only supporting the areas allowed by the EPA. Luckily for us Cobb has been hard at work and is already offer complete Tuning solutions including Flex Fuel support for all 08+ STI and all 15-21 WRX. This means both the EJ25 and FA20dit are covered!

We proudly offer special pricing for all returning customers making updated modifications to best utilize the new Cobb AP abilities and Cobb’s green speed program. We fully support the Cobb Green Speed program and are excited to be tuning efficient, powerful and CLEAN Subarus using the Cobb AP and our E-tune services. 

cobb ap etune sti

We are here to support you with you Cobb AP or any other engine management system you choose to use.

For those building competitive race cars; We normally use full motorsports grade ECU packages such as: Plug n Play Motec M150 ecu package 08+ sti as well as plug and play Haltech ecu package and Emtron ECU plug n play ECU kits for race cars looking to maintain functions like flex fuel but also add motorsports controls and engine safety strategies.

We are continuing support for all Cobb AP with E-tunes and live tuning. We are proudly offering all of Cobb Tuning’s latest products with full Tuning support including EPA/CARB approved intakes and exhausts, boost solenoids, Injectors, Intercoolers and Flex Fuel kits for all turbo STI and WRX applications. If you need help modifying your Turbo Subaru to make reliable power in compliance with the green speed initiative please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to supply any aftermarket OR OEM Subaru parts you need. Please understand these changes are not to limit your fun they are to simply to ensure everyone is able to have safe/clean fun for many years to come.

Most Popular STI/WRX Mods

Allowing the your engine to breath (both in and out) is key to making more power. The Cobb SF Carbon Intake paired with the stainless steel or Titanium cat back exhaust not only frees up HP and TQ it also makes any WRX or STI sound like the true sports car it is!

cobb carbon fiber intake
  • 150psi pressure & temp sensor (Engine safety feature, allows ECU to compensate for drop in fuel pressure or oil pressure or temperature. Same 2 in 1 pressure + temperature sensor used for oil, fuel or coolant pressure/temperature.)
  • 3 port boost solenoid (ebcs allows ECU to control boost target, very important for engine safety and protection features) 
cobb ebcs wrx/sti
  • AEM X series AFR gauge (used to provide a wideband AFR signal to the ECU for accurate tuning on all EJ powered Cobb AP cars, CANbus and Analog outputs with LED display). This is a key part for any EJ power Subaru. The oem front o2 sensor is not accurate enough to rely on for a custom tune. NOT needed for WRX with FA20 or FA24 engines***)
  • AEM in tank high flow fuel pump (e85/ethanol safe, same pump used in Cobb fuel system packages)
  • Get $50 off any Injector Dynamics order with coupon code: hohu50
  • Get $100 off any ECU + Dash with coupon code: hohu100

Those planning to continue to use the Cobb AP will need to re install all OEM emissions equipment including TGV’s, secondary air pump and EGR. Please note, while most people remove these parts, there is actually NO need to do so. None of these emission related items hurt or affect engine performance they are simply there to help keep the emissions low under normal use like idle and cruising conditions.

If you need any help getting an OEM or aftermarket part for your Subaru don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you get the most out of your Subi all while staying within the guidelines set by the EPA keeping you safe and our air clean.  

Injector Dynamics Sizing Subaru WRX and STI:

For a quick breakdown of ID injector sizing for your EJ powered WRX or STI check out the list below.

If you are still not sure on the best injectors for your build be sure to have a read through our Best STI/WRX Injectors. This guide will walk you through a range of injector sizes and brands.

Still not enough info? Give us a call or send an email anytime, our team is here to support you. 

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you with your build, from parts to tuning support and data analysis we can help you get your car running perfectly.

For those building an EJ25 powered STI check out our tech article: Best Mods for the STI and for those building a 2015+ WRX check out our FA20dit engine specific article here: Subaru WRX Best Modifications.

STI & WRX Tuning Options

Below are just a few of our most popular and race proven Motec STI, WRX Motorsports ECU packages. If you are not familiar Motec do not hesitate to contact us we regularly tune both STI and WRX on our plug and play Motec ECU packages and simply put nothing works better than Motec. **Use coupon code hohu50 at check to save an extra $50 on ANY Subaru ECU package. These are Motorsports ECU packages designed for use in competition Motorsports.

STi and WRX Plug and Play ECU

  • STI & WRX E-tune: Cobb AccessPort, custom tune for any WRX or STI on AP. Bolt on mods to fully built race cars supported using the Cobb Green Speed Updated software.
  • Subaru WRX and STI Haltech Elite 2500: Motorsports ECU package delivers a clean/simple plug n play harness to adapt all EJ25/EJ20 powered Subaru to run the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. Full support for all functions including SI drive switch.
  • Subaru STI Motec M150 ecu kit: Motorsports Plug n Play harness + ECU using the best motorsports grade ECU available. If you have a serious build this is the ECU package for you. Full support for all functions including SI drive switch. 
  • 2015-21 WRX Motec M142 Motorsports grade ECU package with full support of both DI and port injection perfect for any FA20 powered WRX looking to make over 500HP
  • 2022 WRX Motec M142 Motorsports grade ECU package with full support for Direct Injection and port injection. Perfect for any FA24 powered WRX looking to make over 500HP 
  • STI EMtron ECU packages: Please give us a call for the latest Emtron ECU packages and pricing. These all NEW plug n play kits for 2015+ sti are not yet listed for sale on our website so you will need to call or email.**
  • STI Link ECU Plug and Play for 2007-2011 USDM STI & WRX using Denso ecu. Full support for all functions including SI drive switch.

6 thoughts on “Cobb Tuning Green Speed update: How to tune a Subaru now?

  1. Jesse Hickle says:

    Hello I’m looking to take my 04 sti back to stock or go all out haltech system sense my access port isn’t much use for now. It currently has a full straight pipe. Blousch 3.0 dom. Perrin frontmount. Perrin 3inch intake with a AEM filter. Aftermarket BOV. Id1000 Injectors. IAG tgv deletes. Dw 400 pump. Iag fuel rails. Fuel pressure gauge. Cobb’s e-85 sensor. And the motor has forged rods and pistons. I understand the need to replace the Down pipe to one that is EPA compliant. Then also the Tgv”s reinstalled and hooked back up. But what about everything else? Can the rest stay on the car just not be utilized or do I need to get rid of mostly everything?

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      To use the Cobb without any CEL you would need to have OEM tgv’s, air pump, EGR and Gesi catted downpipe. Cobb will not longer support the flex fuel sensor kit/custom TGV inputs. Our Haltech package would allow you to keep the mods as they are now. STI haltech

  2. Cade Mollahan says:

    Could I still get a tune with an EWG setup?

    19 sti
    Cobb sf intake
    Turbo Inlet
    Aem 340
    Gesi v1 catted dp
    3 port
    Fuel stumble fix
    Fp blue

  3. Ron says:

    Currently have the secondary air pump delete, I am looking to go to either the FP Green or Bloush 2.5 XT-R, will the Cobb AP be able to be tuned with a check engine light or will it go into a limp mode?

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