Here are Brewed Motorsports we don’t have customers, we have an extended automotive family AKA a “Crew”. We pride ourselves in getting to personally know each and every driver we work with as well as their projects.

DJ aka djelly84 (on the forums) is not your ordinary enthusiast. Going above and beyond what most only dream of, DJ simply couldn’t be held within the confines of what most would consider a “socially acceptable drift car”. Over the past few years the Driftaru has developed into a fully built competition level machine. Driftaru is far removed from the early days of a stock EJ20 tuned on the factory ECU and sliding 3 passengers around on West track at Fire Bird International Raceway. Driftaru even slid its way into a Super Street magazine feature.

A brief list of “THE BUILD GOODS”:

GTX3076R twin scroll turbo
ID 2000cc injector dynamics
Custom EJ22 JE pistons, Manley rods
AEM Engine Management System

The Wish List:

Anti Lag system secondary air injection valve

When did your passion for cars begin?

When I was around 14-15. The first car I fell in love with was the 70’s Corvette Stingrays. Looking back I don’t know why, but I remember I was obsessed with them! First car was a 1993 BMW 325is. Black on black. So rad. Bought myself thanks to a weird turn of events with a senior citizen wrecking the family Mitsubishi wagon. I slept in the bimmer in the garage for basically the first week when I got it.

What is your favorite type of motorsport to participate in?


Tell me about your current project or projects.

It is a 2004 Subaru WRX. I bought it pretty stock back in 2008. Working with my good friend Eric Franz-Larson of Brewed Motorsports, I began modifying it shortly after I got it. Initially it was my daily driver and I had plans to make it a fun street car and possibly do some time attack & auto cross events in it. After riding along with Eric in the Brewed 240sx at drift events, I quickly became obsessed with drifting. I thought it would be awesome, and unique, to make the WRX into a drift car and decided to follow that dream. I’m sure others who have got the car bug can relate to my experience.

Initially I thought I would be satisfied after doing suspension, turbo and supporting modifications, but it seemed each modification just fueled a fire to go bigger and better. Where I stand now, almost every part on the car has been changed (at least once). It is a fully XDC/FD legal dedicated track car (but still street legal and registered until 2013 wooh!).

What are your end goals for your project cars/builds?

To obtain driving skills worthy of such a car and have the same chassis in ten years 🙂

What are a few of the major inspirations for your builds?

There are primarily two cars that inspired my build. The first was the Brewed 240sx. That was what initiated the build. Eric was the one that actually recommended a WRX and introduced me to drifting… a deadly combination! The Brewed 240 made me realize the most beautiful aspect of a car is under the hood. It also made me realize that creativity, not money, is what determines a great build. The second is my close friend Dustin’s BMW E36 truck. This is definitely the most intensive build I’ve ever witnessed, probably will ever witness, and I was basically second behind the owner in terms of involvement. I guess your environment shapes you, and watching a cheap stock 318is get turned into an insanely elaborate 1 of a kind machine, solely by a self-taught, ex-pro skater/bike mechanic/yoga teacher, using only an angle grinder, MIG, and household tools in his garage, definitely pushed my build to a level I never dreamed of.

Besides cars what do you do for fun?

Snowboarding, skating, fishing. Basically anything outdoors or anything that gets my adrenaline flowing.

Do you have many close friends or family that share your passion for motorsports?

My uncle was a test driver for Ford Australia during the 70’s and 80’s. My dad loved cars and owned a Toyota dealership. I’m sure this has something to do with my passion. But in terms of friends, I’ve met so many new friends from motorsports just in the last few years. I feel all I see on Facebook is related to cars it’s crazy. My wife is a car model. I just haven’t met her yet.

Where would you like to be in the world of internal combustion engines/motorsports in 3 years? Any personal goals set?

In the next 3 years I would like to improve my driving ability and become competitive in grassroots drifting. I would like to be influential in drifting in my lifetime. The sport is young and the possibilities of where it can go are endless.

What is your dream car, project or build?

My car is basically my dream and I want to just focus on getting more seat time. However… I must admit I almost subconsciously still search for a 2-door Subaru Impreza on Craigslist on almost a daily basis. Maybe someday… a drift spec GC8 Impreza or another BMW E36.

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