For those of you who have had the pleasure of sliding a properly set up drift car in a safe environment you will understand. For those who have never had the opportunity or have simply never given drifting a fair chance, we hope after this quick read you’ll go plant your ass in a “skid racer” and enjoy some oversteer. Ever since drifting blew up in the Western world, there have been lovers and haters; the strange thing is you never meet a hater that has actually had the chance to drive/slide in a decently prepared car. It seems to us that is like a virgin deciding sex just isn’t for them before they ever even give it a go… Got to at least try it once right? We all know drifting is not your typical Motorsport and while speed is a big factor it’s not all about finishing first or putting down the fastest time. Drifting is a bit more complex than your run of the mill head-to-head race and there are a few other factors at play. One may even go as far as comparing drifting to freestyle motocross; it’s all about your moves and personal style. Recently I had the pleasure of being re-united with my old KA-T S13 that has been parking HARD in Phoenix for the past couple years. To make things even better our good friend, Chase down in Tucson, AZ had organized a little drift day at the local karting track (P1 Circuit). No competition on this Saturday, just a good old fashioned open track to be enjoyed with friends. Back in 2011, the 240sx was given some attention; the engine, suspension and fuel system all got some love to convert the Nissan from a drift only vehicle into a touring machine capable of making the long haul from MT to WA then south down the Cali Coast on Highway 1. This meant the car was set up perfectly to make the drive from Phoenix to Tuscon, drift all day long and then drive right back. Truck and trailer need not apply for this one! The day of the event started off in the early morning when the crew gathered at the home of the “Driftaru” (DJ’s RWD Subaru project) and Bimmer E36 truck (Dustin’s pride and joy). With all the spare wheels and tires loaded up we were off for a long day of ear to ear, carefree smiles and tire drops. Upon arrival to the track, Chase quickly split the drivers up into 3 run groups and with the standard 10 min drivers meeting wrapped up the cars hit the track. The E36 truck and Brewed S13 were slipped into the 3rd run group which provided plenty of time to adjust the tire pressures, stiffen up the front suspension just a touch and have a good look at the track. By the time our first session began the air was warm, the sun was a shining and the BBQ’s were warming up. Rather than waste anymore time writing nonsense we’ll just show you the media: To anyone interested in getting involved on any level with your local drift scene don’t hesitate to contact us for information and dates on upcoming events around the world. Don’t have a car to drift? We rent cars. Have a RWD car but don’t know how to drift? We offer training from professional drivers! Simply want to ride along on the track? Just ask we are always happy to give ride alongs. Brewed has the answers to all your questions and is here to bring enthusiasts together! Phone: 1-888-290-3213

The “short version” Brewed S13 build list:

Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors AEM EMS Brewed KA24 stage 2 crate engine Buddy Club D1 coilovers Custom V-mount IC/radiator Full Race tubular manifold

5 thoughts on “Drifting the Brewed KA-T S13 at P1 Circuit Tucson, AZ

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      We can arrange drift days in AZ (normally Tuscan). Car, driver coach, tires and fuel (show up and drive/drift) starts at $1000 per day.

  1. Michael Allen says:

    My 16 year old daughter wants to get into drifting. Still teaching her to drive and getting her to learn on a manual. Every drift show/event we go to she is head over heels in love with the sport. So in her case she is a total rookie with no bad habits.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      As long as the driver has a valid drivers license we can set up a training day. Car, track rental, fuel, tires, coach (you just show up and drive) starts at $1200 per day (private 1 on 1).

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