Subaru WRX STi & FXT Flex Fuel kit 312550



Update 4/15/23: The Cobb Flex Fuel kit will be re-released in the near future!  The NexGen flex fuel kits are not for sale to the public just yet but you can expect to see the public release announcement VERY soon. The new Cobb FF kits will use a CANbus module for sensor inputs. If you are using another ECU in your Subaru we also offer VE Flex Fuel sensor kit The VE flex fuel kit also comes complete with -6an inlet/outlet fittings on the flex sensor for a clean race car spec install perfect for those running aftermarket fuel rails and fuel lines.

Cobb Flex Fuel kit for the Subaru WRX, STI & FXT means you can now safely run any blend of ethanol/gasoline and your ECU will know exactly how to handle the blended fuel. A custom Flex Fuel E-tune + this Cobb F.F. kit is the best way to get your Subaru running right on pump gas, E95 and every blend between including E85 or whatever ethanol % is available in your area.
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