Fuel Pressure – Subaru Legacy GT, FXT 06-08 & OBXT 3 pin 312660



Update 3/16/22: The Cobb Fuel Pressure kit 312660 has been discontinued. If you need to add a fuel pressure sensor input to your Subaru we have exactly what you need: AEM 150psi fuel pressure sensor kit complete with the 3 pin subaru TGV connector here. This is an upgrade to the cobb fuel pressure kit utilizing a 150psi stainless body sensor.

Cobb Fuel Pressure kit (3 pin TGV) for the Subaru Legacy GT, Forster XT and OBXT is an easy to use bolt on kit that delivers valuable fuel pressure data to your ECU and AccessPort. This means you can now monitor and data log fuel pressure which is KEY to ensuring reliable power delivery. We recommend using a fuel pressure sensor for ecu logging on EVERY turbo engine from street car to race car, utilizing an ECU referenced fuel pressure sensor is always a good way to increase reliability.