Here at Brewed tuning Honda engines from turbo F22 S2000’s to NA K-series Mugen race engines competing in all different types of racing is our passion. Our Motec, Haltech, Emtron and Link ECU packages have been developed specifically for Motorsports applications under the harshest racing conditions.

From fully-built race cars setting records to the weekend warriors just wanting maximum seat time we guarantee our Honda ECU tuning solutions will have your engine making more power and running safely for many years to come. All our ECU packages offer a host of legendary motorsports/race functions such as lauch control and anti-lag. They also utilize a range of engine protection features that closely monitor critical sensor data and implement boost/fuel/ignition/limiter trims and or partial to full cuts when necessary all in place to ensure your engine is running efficiently and reliably at all times.

Tuned by Brewed

High-end Motorsports grade ECU packages are our Specialty. Below you will find some of our most popular Plug n Play Honda ECU tuning solutions that are all incredibly capable standalone engine management systems perfect for a variety of racing: drag, drift, rally, circuit, off-road, marine applications. In this article we will discussing only the best of the best. If you are looking for the top shelf Motorsports grade ECU package and budget is not of concern the Motec M1 is for you. We offer M1 packages for all Honda D, B, H as well as all modern K20, K24, F20, F22, J-series v6 L15b7 and the new Type R K20C.

Motec M130 GPA, GPR & GPRP ECU Package

Original price was: $3,179.00.Current price is: $2,370.00.

MoTeC’s M130 ECU started a new era in engine control. The M1’s unique technology redefines the meaning of customization, delivering total control without compromise, and highly advanced security strategies make these ECUs ideal for any port injection internal combustion engine.

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Honda K Series ECU Packages

The K series engine has proven to be one of the best platforms Honda has ever built, thanks in part to the cylinder head design featuring variable valve timing and variable cam lobes. Tuning the K series engine on any of our ECU packages ensures perfect cam position control and extremely accurate ignition / fueling calculations supporting over 12,000rpm. Using the closed loop individual cylinder knock control/fuel trims will allow your tuner to safely squeeze out every last bit of power whether you have a high compression NA build or a big turbo on methanol.

radium K20 and K24 fuel rail

Once again for any drag racers out there, our Motec M130 and M150 ECU packages offer the worlds best traction control strategies that will shave time off your launch. Those looking for a more budget friendly option that is still setting race records around the world can turn to the Haltech Elite 1500 or Nexus R3 packages we offer. All 3 options support modern functionality including DBW (drive by wire) individual cylinder knock trims and electric wastegate control.

K20 K24 Haltech Elite 1500 Harness

Original price was: $920.00.Current price is: $619.00.

K series plug & play Haltech Elite 1500 ECU package and harnesses for the K20/K24 plugs directly into your vehicle's factory engine wiring harness for clean and easy install. The Honda K series PnP harness + Haltech Elite 1500 ECU delivers closed loop knock control, flex fuel, boost control, engine protection features and of course…

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Honda Engine protection strategies (optional sensors)

-Oil pressure fail safe
-Fuel pressure fail safe
-Coolant temp fail safe
-Coolant pressure fail safe
-Lean protection
-Over boost protection
-Individual Cylinder knock control

Custom fail safe tuning available depending on application and ECU used.
Below you can see our most popular pressure and temperature sensor. These 2 in 1 sensors offer 0-150psi pressure values as well as a built in temperature sensor. That means you get 2 sensors for the price of one NOT to mention a cleaners/easier install and simple wiring harness.

VE 150psi Oil & Fuel Pressure + Temp Sensor

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Original price was: $149.00.Current price is: $119.00.

The VE 150psi oil & fuel pressure and temperature sensor delivers accurate pressure and temperature data under the most extreme condition at an affordable price point. These 2 in 1 sensors deliver super accurate pressure and temperature data all from a single sensor. We have been using these pressure/temp sensors to monitor fuel pressure/temp, oil…

When using any of our Plug and Play adapter harnesses you'll have the ability to easily add more features quickly. The adapter harnesses offer optional expansion plugs for any CANbus, additional sensors, traction control and more which all allows you to easily expand your Motorsports ECU package. For those track days you can also integrate one of our GPS modules or GPS enabled dashes which offer you the ability to create track maps and monitor driver data to ensure you are pushing the car to its full potential and you are getting the best times you possibly can out of your setup.

Haltech iC-7 Digital Dash Display


The iC-7 digital dash is the perfect budget friendly option for your race car display. This full color LCD dash provides an easy to view display of all the engines critical parameters as well as input options for fuel level and blinkers for use in street cars. FREE shipping on all Haltech iC7 dashes.  

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Honda B16, B18, D and H series ECU packages

b18 honda

The Plug and play ECU packages for all OBDI and OBDII Honda: B16, B18, B20, D15, D16, H22 and H23 opens up a world of opportunity. Easily install COP (coil on plug) ignition wired directly to any of our ECU packages and enjoy the flawless ecu controlled boost. You will also get all the engine safety/fail safe features standard (with the added sensors necessary for each fail safe). For those looking for the highest level of performance don't forget about the traction control and Anti Lag options!

Link ECU Plug In G4X for Honda B16/B18 OBD1


After years of working with the Link ECUs we are happy to offer a Plug in ECU Link G4X for the B16 & B18 OBD1 Honda Motor. We have spent the time to ensure all of the Link G4X functionality is used to the B16/B18 advantage including live map switching, anti lag, rolling launch antilag…

S2000 ECU tuning options

Full Race Turbo Honda S2000
S2000 ECU tuning

The S2000 is hands down on of our favorite car/engine combinations ever produced by Honda. The F series (F20 and F22) is closely related to the K series engine, however, Honda gave the F series a little extra love - after all the engine was built for racing. All of our ECU packages support 4d+ fuel tuning, this is great for the F series engine as we can tune the main fueling based on a Throttle vs RPM fuel map with a manifold compensation trim. This gives HUGE resolution for the tuner allowing for very accurate fueling no matter what RPM, TPS or boost level your running through your F series engine. This is a very important aspect of any track car that see's constant changes to throttle position at high RPM.

Link ECU Plug In G4X for Honda S2000


After years of working with the Link ECUs we are happy to offer a Plug in ECU Link G4X for the AP1 S2000 Honda Motor. We have spent the time to ensure all of the Link G4X functionality is used to the AP1 S2000 advantage including live map switching, anti lag, rolling launch antilag and…

If you have any questions about any Plug and Play Honda ECU package for your project feel free to contact us with any questions and/or requests. If you don't see what you need for your application, do not hesitate to contact us, we can more than likely come up with a plug and play solution for your application!

Haltech Nexus R3 ECU VCU

Original price was: $2,395.00.Current price is: $2,388.00.

The Haltech Nexus R3 VCU is a complete Vehicle Control Unit that combines the functionality of the Haltech Elite series ECU with the Haltech PD16 PDM. Based off the Nexus R5 VCU the new R3 is smaller and more affordable. With 8 injector and 8 coil outputs the R3 Nexus vcu is supports 1-8 cylinder…

Above you can see a great example of our customer's, Buddy Club Racing in their DC5 touring car running one of our Motorsports grade K series ECU packages competing in the TSS Super 2000 series (NA 2L race class). If you take your Honda to the track and love podium finishes don't hesitate to contact our team to ensure you get the perfect Honda ECU tuning solution for your project and particular type of racing.

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  1. Jim Cox says:

    I am in need to have lume built for an S2000 being installed in a diff car, a Triumph gt6….with a Honda F20 C……I need your help badly

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Custom engine harnesses are no problem, they start at $1150 and we can build them for just about any combination you need.
      Please use our “contact us” form and send me an email if you need a custom harness.

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