Most of you have already heard of Hypertune for the simple fact that the parts they produce down under in Sydney Australia are nothing less than pure unadulterated automotive art.

When you see Hypertune parts installed on an engine it’s as if you are viewing a modern art installation that not only looks amazing but also performs at the same high standard.

Hypertune has been developing and track testing parts for for many many years now, they have truly perfected the billet CNC intake manifolds, throttle bodies and fuel rails.

Intake Manifold or Modern Art?

Recently Hypertune created some incredible exhaust manifolds and other misc billet goodies such as RB26 and 2JZ valve covers (soon to come 4G63 valve covers as well).

If you haven’t come across Hypertune yet and their incredible functional art pieces well then continue reading, but our guess is you’ve already come across something from Hypertune on some of incredible builds.

Below is a collection of a taste of what Hypertune offers. We have been working with Hypertune from the beginning and we are still left in a state of awe when installing and tuning any Hypertune part.

With perfect fitment, outstanding performance and looks to die for Hypertune products will not leave you disappointed.

Hypertune 2JZ intake manifold

Well, what makes a Hypertune intake manifold so special you might ask?

The answer is countless hours have been spent by Hypertune perfecting the plenum size and taper, velocity stack size, runner length, and the overall fit and finish for each application they offer an intake manifold for.

You see, Hypertune doesn’t just take measurements and make something that will fit a specific application, they make the extra effort to verify their manifolds work as they should and actually make the improvements in power delivery a customer expects when purchasing any performance part.

This is why Hypertune offers manifolds for a select few engines and not everything they can get their hands on. They’ve spent the time to verify their hard work and made changes along the way to improve on aspects they could.

Keep in mind that when looking at a Hypertune manifold they can be custom built to your requirements. Custom colors to make your engine bay pop, single dual or triple fuel rail options and of course standard or “race port” options for those big power builds.

Getting air into the plenum is also up to you, if you want a billet Hupertune cable driven throttle body or a Bosch drive-by-wire throttle body setup, Hypertune makes it happen.

Nissan SR20

Manifolds available for the SR20 engines include the S13 or S14 / S15 engines as well as the SR20VE P11 and P12 heads. These manifolds utilize a tuned runner and plenum design to make great mid range and top end power. A HUGE upgrade to any Greddy style intake manifold on the SR20.

Hypertune SR20DET intake manifold
Hypertune SR20DET intake manifold black
Hypertune SR20DET intake manifold silver

Nissan RB26

The RB intake manifold is available in single throttle body or multi-throttle aka Individual Throttle body options. There is also a new version 2 manifold suited for those high power builds that needs a second fuel rail for secondary injectors, perfect for E85, E95 or any other alcohol based fuel.

Hypertune RB26 V2 inlet manifold with 90mm Wiggins throttle body and billet fuel rail
Hypertune RB26 V2 inlet manifold with 90mm Wiggins throttle body and billet fuel rail
Hypertune RB26DETT multi throttle body intake

Don’t forget the incredible Billet RB26 valve covers to match the Intake manifold. These valve covers are low profile and feature a built in baffle system and easy to use ports perfect for any external catch can set up.

Hypertune RB26DETT billet valve covers
Hypertune RB26DETT billet valve covers installed

Toyota 2JZGTE and 1JZGTE

The intake manifolds for the JZ engine are available in either stock port size or big race port sized for those extra high horsepower engines.

These are hands down our most popular JZ intake manifold, finding its way onto the best JZ builds around the world. 

As usual, you can choose to step up to a second fuel rail for those thirsty engines running 12 injectors.

Hypertune 2JZ intake manifold
Hypertune 2JZ big-port intake
Hypertune 2JZ velocity stacks

Mitsubishi 4G63

The 4G63 intake manifold is available for all iterations of the engine. Starting with the 1G DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse, Gallant VR4, Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser.

Next up the 2G DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO 1-3, and Eagle Talon.

We then get into the EVO 4-6 and then EVO 7-9 intake manifolds.

You can tell that as the 4G63 kept being used, Mitsubishi did what they could to improve upon the head design with the several different port designs and changing from the injector ports integrated into the head to being integrated into the intake manifold.

Because of the varying degrees of performance the 4G63 is capable of, you can opt for several different throttle body sizes and also get a secondary fuel rail setup.

This intake manifold has been dyno proven time and time again to make big gains throughout the entire RPM range. If your looking to get the most of of your 4g63 this is the best intake manifold available.

Hypertune 4G63 intake manifold
EVO inlet manifold + 3 in Wiggins TB 8 injectors custom anodized

Throttle Bodies

Not only is Hypertune known for the intake manifolds, they also offer an incredible lineup of throttle bodies ranging in size from 77mm90mm, and a 102mm.

All of these throttle bodies can be purchased for use with a standard silicone coupler or a Wiggins clamp.

These throttle bodies are fully sealed and we’ve never ran into any issues with them even on cars running incredibly high boost levels. Easy to use and available with factory TPS provisions.

Hypertune throttle bodies
Hypertune throttle body wiggins clamp

Exhaust Manifolds

Hypertune has been the leaders of high performance intake manifolds for many years now, but as of late they have also been expanding into incredibly well engineered and built exhaust manifolds.

They know how to get air flowing into your engine, you better know they also understand how to efficiently get air out as well!

All of Hypertune’s manifolds start with their investment cast stainless steel merge collectors. These come with provisions for 4 pipes for a 4 cylinder or V8 application, 3 pipes for a twin turbo 6 cylinder setup, or 6 pipes for single turbo 6 cylinder application (or for big time V12 twin turbo).

They are available with or without waste gate provisions to suit any turbo you will be using. You can also opt for your standard T4 twin scroll flange or the ever popular V-Band flange.

There are currently options for the Mitsubishi EVO 5-9 and X, Nissan RB26, SR20DET, SR20VE, and Toyota 2JZ.

hypertune stainless cast collector 4 -cylinder t3 t4 flange
hypertune stainless cast collector 4-cylinder v-band
Hypertune HypEX EVO X stock frame turbo manifold
hypertune hypex twin-scroll twin-gate turbo exhaust manifold nissan rb26

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      We have Hypertune throttles available for all of the 4g63 versions please contact us and we can get you set up with a throttle in any size to match any of the 4g63 platforms.

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