K20 K24 Haltech Elite 1500 Harness

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K series plug & play Haltech Elite 1500 ECU package and harnesses for the K20/K24 plugs directly into your vehicle’s factory engine wiring harness for clean and easy install. The Honda K series PnP harness + Haltech Elite 1500 ECU delivers closed loop knock control, flex fuel, boost control, engine protection features and of course launch control with anti lag to name just a few. We cover all the K20 and K24 applications so be sure to select from the options below to ensure you get the perfect K series ECU package. If you are unsure which option/s to select feel free to contact us we are here to ensure you get exactly the ECU package you need at the best pricing guaranteed.

**Save over $200 when you package the Haltech elite 1500 ECU/wideband o2 with your harness order + get $100 credit towards any or our Haltech tuning services.

Harness Options

Choose from harness options, expansions and DBW options below.

  • Buddy Club DC5

    Plug and Play for RSX style engine harness using cable throttle body.

  • Add a 6 pin DTM connector to your harness, this makes for clean/easy wiring when adding aftermarket sensors like oil pressure or flex fuel.

  • Add drive by wire control directly to Haltech ECU for use with OEM TSX/Accord K24 DBW harness in swapped cars.

  • Add drive by wire support for use with OEM RSX style cable throttle body harness. (converts cable to DBW, includes pedal and throttle body harnesses)

  • For use with TSX dash to maintain oem functions in TSX cars using oem dash. ALL engine control/functions moved to Haltech Elite 1500 ecu

  • Add DTM connector for use with OEM CANbus system in modern cars (for K swapped cars such as BRZ, STI, WRX, FRS, GT86 and more)

Haltech Elite 1500 ECU (plug n play for harness)

Package with Haltech Elite 1500, special pricing when you package your harness with Elite 1500 ecu.

  • haltech elite ecu 1500

    Special package price on a Haltech Elite 1500 ECU when added to any plug n play harness.

Haltech Elite Recommended Sensor

Additional sensors used for Motorsports & Engine protection strategies

  • haltech wideband O2

    Haltech wideband O2 CANbus controller + Bosch 4.9 lsu 02 sensor (Perfect for all Elite ecu's).

  • aem 5 bar map sensor stainless body

    Must have for high boost applications running 35psi-55psi

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Used for fuel pressure and temperature based engine protection strategies.

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Used for oil pressure & temperature related engine protection strategies.

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