Motec M150 2008+ STI Package


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This highly anticipated Plug and Play Motec M150 package for the Subaru STI 2008-2021 is a complete replacement for the factory ECU and includes everything you need for a clean and tidy installation. The Motec M150 is a Motorsports based ECU designed with motorsports functions in mind. This is our package of choice for highly modified 2008+ STI used for Motorsports competition.

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Optional Accessories

  • Optional DCCD harness for use with M150 ECU

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Choose the production year of your STI from the list.

  • FW-915-AL


Recommended Sensors for Motec ECU's

Below is a list of all the additional sensors we highly recommend using with any Motec ECU package.

  • motec ltc

    Motec LTC (lambda to CAN) Wideband controler +4.9LSU o2 sensor. (Lambda/AFR data)

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Fuel pressure sensor 150psi and Fuel temp (2 sensors 1 unit)

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Oil temperature + oil pressure sensor 150psi (2 sensors 1 unit)

  • aem air intake temp sensor

    Fast response AIT sensor with DTM connector

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