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Starting as early as the 1960s, fuel injection has been on an unstoppable journey towards the replacement of the now obsolete carburetor. As the years went by and the benefits of electronic fuel injection became clear, there has been an emergence of manufacturers providing electronic control units of all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. These manufacturers have done everything they can to make calibrating an engine as easy and complete as possible.

While there are many companies that supply the hardware and software to tune an engine, in most cases it is always a matter of compromise. Understandably, we will look for the product that best suits our needs and is within our budget.

There is a large and ever growing community that simply will not settle for anything but the best to control their car, truck, buggy, boat, jet ski, snowmobile, plane etc. For those whose priority is quality, reliability and an infinite amount of tuning to control any number of sensors and monitor endless inputs, the choice is MoTec Electronics.

M1 Tuning Software

MoTec has been in the game since the beginning. They have been developing and perfecting their electronic control units, software and other high end performance components such as digital dash displays, loggers and power distribution modules ever since. Without question, MoTec produces all the hardware needed to make your engine run like you know it should. Here at Brewed we proudly sell and support Motec products through out Motec Etune services as well as Motec track support and data analysis for serious drivers and race teams. We regularly provide in person and remote support for all types of Motorsports.

Understandably, for the best possible results, it is not just sufficient to possess the best hardware, you must also have a tuner who can calibrate the ECU with absolute precision.

Many people believe that the most important part of the calibration of an electronic control unit is the setting of the quantity of the air/fuel mixture, followed by when we want to ignite that mixture. These aspects are of course the basis of getting an engine to run, but they are at equally as important as the endless series of settings that allow you to stay within your pre-set safety parameters, management of boost, idle control, traction control, etc.

MoTec m142

Let’s start in the order in which we put importance on those aspects mentioned above and start with how we can control fuel with the MoTec system. Running a MoTec ECU puts several tuning tools at your disposal with which we can obtain the best result depending on the type of engine or by the use to which it is intended.

We can choose between several ways to calculate the exact moment and injector pulse width in which the fuel will be injected, for example an input to the ECU from a manifold pressure sensor, throttle position or MAF sensor.

Once we choose how we are going to intervene on the injectors opening time, we will be faced with a 3D fuel table. We can then apply multiple fuel trims for things like TPS, RPM, MAP and EMAP to create a 5 dimensional + main fueling algorithm.

These tables are capable of being modified or scaled on both the X/Y axis to provide unmatched resolution for the entire RPM and load range no matter what engine/airflow calculation method you are using. The same goes for the ignition timing/tables and choosing the moment when the spark will fire, there are several methods of calculating and several possibilities to set the X/Y axis of our table to achieve the best resolution for your particular engine.

The ability to act directly on the axis of the tables is unique to MoTec software and allows a tuner endless customization options. We no longer need to adapt to the software, it is the software that can be adapted to meet any and all of our needs for controlling an engine.

Animated Motec C125 C185 digital dash display

Another incredibly helpful and important feature of the MoTec software is the PID algorithm (Proportional gain, Integral gain, Derivative gain) that is applicable to any duty cycle driven component. Some examples of systems that use PID algorithms are boost control solenoids, idle air controllers, traction control systems, anti-lock braking, drive by wire throttle bodies, and more. In fact, once a base target and PID setting is provided to the ECU the PID algorithm can then be tuned to achieve our set targets under any feedback condition allowing the system to obtain and control a stable and steady outcome in all conditions.

What made MoTec the undisputed king of Motorsport from weekend racer to the highest levels of competition through these years is its infinite flexibility and expand-ability. There is simply no limit to the features and customization’s and level of control you can achieve. You can manage multiple electrical throttle bodies, any type of electronic ignition, linearize any third party sensor and control any electric mechanism. MoTec ECUs have even been used to control electric motor conversions!

MoTec C125 dash display

Brewed Motorsports is here to support any MoTec related project during tuning or in the track. From simple startup calibrations, to complete tuning, remotely or on site worldwide, we provide you with the hardware, software and professional support at the best pricing possible. Contact us today to get your engine running on a MoTec!

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