Motec M142 WRX ECU Package 2015-2021


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This highly anticipated Plug and Play Motec M142 ECU package for the Subaru WRX 2015-2019 is a complete replacement for the factory ECU and includes everything you need for a clean and tidy installation. The Motec M142 is a Motorsports based ECU designed with motorsports functions in mind. This is our package of choice for highly modified 2015+ WRX running the fa20dit engine used for Motorsports competition. **This M142 package fully support both DI and port injection making it the ideal kit for any WRX looking to make over 450whp on an ethanol based fuel like E85 or Flex Fuel.

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Recommended Sensors for Motec ECU's

Below is a list of all the additional sensors we highly recommend using with any Motec ECU package.

  • motec ltc

    Motec LTC (lambda to CAN) Wideband controler +4.9LSU o2 sensor. (Lambda/AFR data)

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Fuel pressure sensor 150psi and Fuel temp (2 sensors 1 unit)

  • 150 psi oil pressure/temperature sensor

    Oil temperature + oil pressure sensor 150psi (2 sensors 1 unit)

  • aem air intake temp sensor

    Fast response AIT sensor with DTM connector

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