Drag style Anti Lag & No Lift Shift aka NLS

If you have ever driven a car with a turbocharged engine you understand the concept of “Turbo Lag”. Turbo lag becomes even more prevalent on small displacement engines using large turbo chargers to make big HP.

VR38, 2JZ, RB26, K20, 4B11, B18, 4G63 are all regularly used with 67mm+ turbochargers to make 1000+ HP. The trick to making power is getting that big turbo spooled up (making target boost) and hold it there throughout an acceleration pull or race.

Getting off the line and a quick 60’ time is the first challenge to overcome. By tuning up a proper “Drag style Anti-lag” even a low displacement 2.0L engine can spool a GTX42 to well over 20psi at the staging lights for low 60’ times.

For details on exactly how Drag style Antilag works check out our Antilag article.

Recently we E-tuned a bone stock (oil pan to valve cover) Evo 8 running a forward facing turbo kit using a rather larger Precision turbo. With this set up getting the engine into boost and off the line fast is key to running a good time.

Through a Brewed E-tune we set this EVO 8 to hold ~5000rpm and 20psi at the line using Drag Style Anti lag 2 step limiter on a AEM V2 EMS.

No Lift to Shift “NLS”

Assuming the car is using a manual transmission, once the car is off the line headed down the track turbo lag is still prevalent while shifting through the gears.

When a driver is forced to lift off the throttle the turbo shaft speed is drastically slowed down so when the driver puts the throttle back on the floor after a shift it takes the turbo a few tenths of a second to reach target boost again. A few tenths may not seem like much but if you shift 3 times in the ¼ mile it adds up fast!

The easiest way to eliminate the turbo lag between shifts is to set up a No Lift to Shift or NLS. This allows the driver to keep the throttle wide open during a shift, intern keeping the turbo spinning freely unrestricted and operating at target boost.

Through E-tuning we program the specific engine operating conditions during a shift to safely maintain boost while shifting up through the gears.

Here is a Data log of the same EVO running AEM and Brewed Tuned No Lift Shift to hold full boost while shifting through the gears, notice how even when the RPM drop during a shift the engine load holds steady all the way through.

tuning graph
This log is from the low boost setting of 17psi

Again here is the same bone stock engine EVO 8 from above after a Brewed E-tune using No Lift Shift to keep the turbo spooled while shifting up through the gears.

The Brewed tuned NLS allows even allows this EVO to short shift and still maintain boost at 3500-4000rpm which gives this car a huge usable torque curve that is not attainable without No Lift shifting or launch control.

The Boost in this video is set to 21psi

Why you need No Lift to Shift and drag style Antilag

  • Drag style antilag with Launch control gets your car off the line with full boost/power
  • Eliminates turbo lag
  • Increases the useable torque curve
  • Keeps turbo spooled while shifting through the gears
  • Safely tuned and calibrated for each car/engine
  • Look and sound like a pro with BANGS and fire

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