Omni Power MAP Sensor Scale Voltage vs Pressure

The Omni MAP sensors are a ever popular (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor used on a huge range of engines. Omni Powers most popular products would have to be their high pressure rated MAP sensors they produce for a HUGE range of applications including: R35 GTR, STI, WRX, Honda B/D/H, Honda K and more.

Elite 2500 STI
Tial MVR wastegate on a 2013 STI race car

In order to use an Omni Power MAP sensor you must ensure your ECU has been tuned accordingly. Below is the Omni Power MAP sensor Calibrations for their 3, 4 and 5 bar MAP sensors. These sensor use a linear 0-5 volt signal common to most MAP sensors however the Omni Power MAP sensors support up to 5 bar of boost pressure.

Omni power map sensor scaling

Here at Brewed Motorsports we most often use the AEM 5 BAR map sensor as they have proven to last longer and be more reliable than the Omni power MAP sensors. The AEM 5 bar map sensor also comes with a barb fitting and a -3 an fitting which allows you to remote mount the sensor away from the engine. This further increases the life of the MAP sensor and provides a super clean noise free signal to the ECU. AEM 5 Bar MAP sensors are in stock and available from the link below for anyone that needs.

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