With the development of the Infinity EMS, AEM Electronics threw every possible feature they could into their new engine management system. AEM developed one of the fastest processing high-end motorsports capable systems available today.

The AEM Infinity EMS has proven themselves to be an incredibly capable standalone engine management system throughout a variety of racing: drag, drift, rally, circuit, off-road, marine applications and of course weekend warriors.

There are engines across the world equipped with Infinity EMSs winning races every weekend, isn’t it about time you upgraded and claim your kingdom on the track!

Porsche 996

Why choose an AEM Infinity EMS for your Porsche?

Here at Brewed Motorsports we’ve tuned countless engines from all different manufacturers with the Infinity EMS and are never let down by the performance and efficiency the Infinity EMS is able to provide.

From fully-built race cars to those just wanting to make sure their engines are running safely for years to come, the Infinity offers a host of great tuning features that allows tuners to make sure the engine is running efficiently and reliably at all times.

Let’s face it, you bought a Porsche to enjoy the sound of that flat 6 (3.6, 3.8, or 4.0L respectively), 24 valve, twin-turbo boxer engine ripping all the way to redline, pushing the AWD system to its limits, chomping away at the asphalt. By upgrading to an AEM Infinity EMS you’ll be sure to enjoy every minute of owning a Porsche and realize how much was left on the table of such a capable machine.

Let’s break down why an AEM Infinity is the best choice for your track or high horsepower Porsche. The thing that makes an AEM Infinity very special is its ability to process information as fast as the sensors can send that data to the EMS. With the 200Mhz on board processor the Infinity is built around, the computer is able to process inputs and outputs in real time.

Because the Infinity can process 400 million instructions per second your Porsche will be more responsive and make better power (as far as we are aware there is no other ECU available today that has a processor that is as fast as the Infinity’s).

The ability for the Infinity to process inputs the way it does comes in handy when something goes wrong. And although the engine in the 996 and 997 are incredibly well designed, this is racing, and things inevitably can go wrong.

Let’s say you’re blasting around the track and taking a corner as fast as possible and the car’s integrated dry sump system loses oil pressure for a few seconds, very often this could spell catastrophe and an engine that needs to be rebuilt. With the Infinity, we can setup  any number of fail safe measures to make sure it does its absolute best to make sure the engine isn’t damaged.

By saving the engine from a disaster, you can address the problem and be back out on the track in no time – or at least less time and money than it would take to rebuild the engine!

AEM Infinity EMS fail-safe features:

  1. Oil pressure fail-safe
  2. Fuel pressure fail-safe
  3. Coolant temp fail-safe
  4. Lean protection
  5. Over boost protection
  6. Individual Cylinder knock control (Click the link for more details on Infinity knock tuning)
  7. Custom fail safe tuning available depending on application

For the Porsche applications, AEM made sure to offer an EMS that would take advantage of all of the amazing technical features that Porsche implemented in the 996 and 997 and then expand on them.

The AEM Infinity will work for all 996 Turbo model years 2001-2005*, 997 Carrera / Targa / GT3 NA model years 2005-2005*, and 997 Turbo model years 2007-2009*.

*Please note the Infinity will only work with manual transmissions!  

The specially developed AEM Infinity (designed specifically for Porsche applications) and Plug and Play adapter harness combine to completely replace the car’s factory ECU. By no means does getting rid of the factory Porsche ECU mean you are going to lose features that make the 996 and 997s so special. In fact, the Infinity adds functionality beyond what the factory ECU is capable of.

Installation is incredibly straight forward and takes about an hour to install the Infinity and adapter harness when using all of the car’s factory sensors. With the Plug and Play adapter harness that is fully sealed and completely waterproof includes some unique features that you won’t find with other tuning devices.

The adapter harness allows complete integration with the car’s CAN Bus system’s factory inputs for brake switch, clutch switches, cruise buttons, wheel speed sensors, sport button, coolant fans and A/C.

The factory dash remains completely functional and will display coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, tachometer, dash lights/notifications, boost pressure readout on Turbo models and everything else the factory dash allows the driver to keep tabs on.

With the addition of an AEMNet port you’ll have the ability to easily add optional AEMNet accessories such as the AEMNet CAN Bus gauge (30-0312) which allows you to easily display any engine parameters the Infinity is receiving.

For those track days you can also integrate the AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (30-2203) which enables you to create track maps using AEMdata’s track mapping software to make sure you are pushing the car to its full potential and you are getting the best times you possibly can out of your setup.

The Plug and Play adapter harness also includes an expansion port which uses a high-performance DTM-style 12 pin connector which allows the addition of sensors not found on the Porsche from the factory.

This allows you to easily get rid of your factory MAF sensors and upgrade to a speed density setup using an air intake temp sensor and MAP sensor. You’ll also be able to add sensors like fuel pressure and ethanol content.

Porsche 996 and 997 AEM Infinity EMS Features:

Two drive-by-wire throttle body profile maps.

– Using the Sport button, users can define throttle curves in the InfinityTuner software and take full control of throttle response. This allows users to change throttle response rate on the fly.

Complete control of Porsche’s VarioCam variable valve timing system.

– With full control of the VarioCam system, we can tune the valve timing events to fully optimize torque for your specific setup

Supports all factory engine functions:

– mass airflow sensors (does not require the addition of a MAP sensor)

– factory boost control solenoid (996 and 997 Turbo models)

– factory electronic bypass valves (996 and 997 Turbo models)

– stock charge pressure sensor (996 and 997 Turbo models)

– Electronic water pump (997 Turbo models)

– Dual stock EGT sensors (997 Turbo models)

– engine compartment temp sensor

– engine blower fan

– stock fuel pumps

– dual stock wideband O2 sensors

Racing Enabled Functions via Cruise Control Buttons

– The Infinity EMS allows users to setup 8 different modes to change fuel maps, timing maps, Lambda targets, and more which you can cycle through and select on the fly without the need to wire in an auxiliary switch.

– The CRUISE CANCEL button can be used to enable a temporary three-step rev limiter to be used for launching the car perfectly.

Traction Control

– The Infinity EMS is able to use the factory wheel speed sensors equipped on the Porsche 996 and 997 and allows full tuning over traction control strategies.

Traction can be controlled via fuel cut, spark retard, spark cut, or by retracting the DBW throttle bodies to get a traction control system that works exactly how you need it to for the type of driving you excel in.

The AEM Infinity package for the Porsches consists of a specially developed Infinity EMS and plug and play adapter harness for each application:

Porsche 996 AEM Infinity harness

2001-2005 Porsche 996 AEM Infinity Series 708 standalone EMS (30-7109)

Porsche 996 AEM Infinity Plug and Play Adapter Harness (30-3902)

Porsche 997 AEM Infinity Series 708 standalone EMS (30-7109)

Porsche 997 AEM Infinity Plug and Play Adapter Harness (30-3905) If you have any Porsche or AEM related questions or requests call or email us anytime. If you don’t see what you are looking for don’t worry! We have ECU, wiring and tuning solutions for just about every application you can imagine just contact us with what you need and we will provide the best service and pricing in the industry.      

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