Clutch Masters 725 Series Clutch Kit – Honda Civic Si & Ex 2017-2021


Clutch Masters 725 Series Street/Race Clutch Kit for 2017-2021 Honda Civic Si & Ex.

The 725 series clutch kit is a 7.25″ (184mm) Twin Disc clutch and is machined from billet aluminum and is then Type 3 hard anodized. Included as well is a custom flywheel specific for the 725 and meet SFI spec 1.2 for competition in NHRA, NDRA, IDRC, IHRA, SCCA and NASA.

The 725 is the ultimate twin disk setup for drag racing and serious horsepower and torque over stock with one of our infamous brewed tunes, and is a must have to put the power to the ground!

**The only difference between this kit and 08150-TD7R-A clutch kit is the second disk is an organic material and not ceramic for a slightly smoother engagement.**




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