Subaru WRX STi & FXT Flex Fuel kit 312550



Update 3/16/22: The Cobb WRX and STI Flex Fuel kit 312550 has been discontinued. If you need to add a flex fuel sensor input to your Subaru we have exactly what you need here: VE Flex Fuel sensor kit + subaru TGV connector + 0-5v signal converter. These are all the parts you will need to add flex fuel data to your OEM Subaru ECU. The VE flex fuel kit also comes complete with -6an inlet/outlet fittings on the flex sensor for a clean race car spec install perfect for those running aftermarket fuel rails and fuel lines.

Cobb Flex Fuel kit for the Subaru WRX, STI & FXT means you can now safely run any blend of ethanol/gasoline and your ECU will know exactly how to handle the blended fuel. A custom Flex Fuel E-tune + this Cobb F.F. kit is the best way to get your Subaru running right on pump gas, E95 and every blend between including E85 or whatever ethanol % is available in your area.

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