Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body


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The Hypertune 90mm Throttle Body is made from billet aluminum and is available in both clock wise and counter clock wise rotation. With a wide range of TPS adapters to choose from we have a Hypertune 90mm throttle for you. We have been using Hypertune parts since 2008 and couldn’t be happier these are hands down the best mechanical throttles on the market. When it comes to aftermarket throttle bodies it is important to use a reliable, well sealed throttle that will not suffer from boost leaks or throttle hang.

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Hypertune Throttle Body Options

Silver or black options are standard and are available at no extra cost. If you want to take your throttle body to the next level you can opt to go with a solid custom color or 2 different colors (throttle body/pulley). After your order is placed we will contact you to confirm your selections.

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