E-Tune Cobb Accessport Pro Tune Subaru STi, WRX, LGT

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A Brewed Etune (aka Pro tune) for any turbo Subaru running a Cobb AP unlocks hidden horsepower while improving reliability. We have been tuning Subaru’s from mild to wild on the Cobb AP since 2009 and specialize in tunes for race engines that can not run the Cobb OTS maps. We cover it all, whether it be a custom Speed Density (SD) tune with Flex Fuel support for a built STI or a custom E-tune for a stock WRX looking for more power. We are here to support all your tuning needs with a range of tuning services and prices to fit all types of builds.

**If you purchased parts from us and you car now needs a tune we offer a $50 credit to ALL customers who purchased their parts through Brewed Motorsports.


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