PRP Pro Series Crank Trigger Kit – RB20, RB25 & RB26

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PRP RB engine Pro Series Crank trigger is the perfect match for any high power RB engine build running on Motec. Here at Brewed we have been using both the PRP Cam and Crank trigger kits on all our high power GT-R builds to ensure the ECU always gets the most accurate engine position data possible. By moving the crank sensor pick up to a 36-2 tooth trigger on the crank the ECU is guaranteed to have the most accurate engine position data possible. When combined with a PRP cam trigger the ECU can then deliver 100% accurate ignition timing under any condition, (NO fear of the dread belt stretch). Forget about the old OEM Nissan CAS (cam and crank sensor 1 piece unit) and belt stretch problems, upgrade to the most reliable and modernized crank trigger kit on the market.