RB Trigger Kits Explained

The RB26 and RB25 series engines have proven them selves to be one of the most popular inline six JDM engine platforms of all time. With huge after market support the RB26, RB25 and RB20 have been given a “rebirth” providing a great engine option to anyone looking to run on one of Nissan’s most iconic engines.

Using new tech like the PRP RB trigger kit (using separate Cam & Crank triggers) is just one of the key ingredients to brewing the perfect RB26.

Below we will discuss how the OEM cam/crank triggers are prone to timing errors that are easily solved by using a PRP RB series crank and cam trigger kits.

We offer the full line of PRP Trigger kits as well as Ross Engineering, simply select the kit for your build from the list below:

RB26 prp cam crank sensor trigger kits

Cam & Crank Trigger Methods

In factory form the RB series engine uses a “one piece style” Cam & Crank sensor combo. This means the Cam and Crank positions are both referenced off the exhaust cam by the “CAS”.

There is no actual sensor or reference on the crank shaft in OEM format. While using the cam to reference the crank position does work it presents a problem when the engine is under heavy load and the timing belt stretches.

This stretching of the timing belt means the crank is actually farther advanced than the cam (when compared to the engine under low load). Because the crank is farther advanced than the ECU knows based on the OEM CAS the ignition timing the ECU provides to the engine is actually retarded by as much as 4-6 degrees.

PRP parts available at Brewed Motorsports

Here at Brewed when we are building or tuning a RB engine we always recommend using one of the Platinum Racing Products crank trigger kits. PRP offers an elegant solution to the RB series Cam/Crank sensors and associated timing problems by separating the cam and crank sensor.

In this new 2 sensor lay out the ECU is always provided an accurate crank position reference regardless of timing belt stretch. Placing the crank sensor directly on the crank shaft to reference either a 12 tooth trigger kit or a high resolution Pro Series 36-2 tooth trigger kit is key to ensure the ECU is always getting accurate engine position data.

PRP trigger kits are a simple and effective bolt on solution for any RB engine. We use the classic PRP crank & cam RB trigger kit with our plug and play AEM Infinity 506 RB26 GTR packages.

The PRP Pro series RB26 crank trigger kit with a 36-2 trigger is perfectly paired with our Motec M1 series ECU packages.

With the crank reference well taken care of we move onto the cam trigger. PRP RB series cam trigger kit handles the cam position reference and is easily adjusted to ensure the crank position sensor is at the optimal position half way between 2 of the crank trigger teeth.

prp rb26 cam trigger clearance
Setting Cam sensor clearance GT-R PRP trigger kit

RB26 GTR using PRP Cam/Crank Trigger Kit

Here is one example of a R34 GT-R we set up with the PRP cam/crank trigger kit paired with our AEM Infinity Plug n Play ECU package.

The PRP trigger kit is a must for this 2.7 Liter Tomei stroker making over 700whp. Ensuring accurate engine position data to the Infinity ECU allows us to set up and tune individual cylinder knock trims allowing this engine to run safely at 31psi on pump gas (93ron/mon).

With the ECU referencing the 12 tooth trigger on the crank we are guaranteed accurate ignition timing. (This is where the stock Nissan CAS falls short!)

r34 RB28 tomei twins pump gas korea purp
Brewed Tuned R34 on AEM Infinity, ID1050X, PRP trigger kit

Installing PRP RB26 Cam Sensor/Trigger Kit

Installing the PRP RB series cam trigger kit is a bolt on experience and with the wide range of anodized colors to choose from a great way to add some eye candy to your engine bay.

This particular R34 customer wanted to match with his HKS cam gears so a nice purple anodize was chosen.

Stay tuned for full step by step DIY install article.

1 prp rb26 cam gear 3 prp rb26 billet cam sensor bracket 10 prp rb26 cam sensor clearance

RB Spark Plugs:

Ensuring your RB engine is using the correct spark plugs for your build/power level and fuel type is one of the most important general maintenance items to fully understand and be able to service your self.

Check out our RB Spark Plug Guide article for all the information you need including how to choose the correct heat range spark plugs and spark plug gap for your RB engine build.

Using the correct heat range spark plugs and setting the spark plug gap is a rewarding process that will keep your RB running strong for many years to come. 


18 thoughts on “Why every RB26 needs a PRP Cam & Crank Trigger kit

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Yes the ECU masters ECU should work with the 12 tooth crank trigger kit, you should contact your ECU tuner though and ask them what crank trigger kit they would recommend tuning the engine with. We personally use the PRP 12 tooth trigger and 36-2 trigger depending on ECU and what the car will be used for most.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Hey James CA18det and AEM ems4 has nothing to do with PRP RB series trigger kits please email us directly if you have further questions about your configuration.
      The AEM ems4 is based on the AEM series 2 pnp boxes. They WILL work with the oem nissan CAS you simply need to change the CAS disc inside the CAS. This is a VERY thin small disc inside the CAS and they should cost between $25-$40.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Yes i have tuned multiple RB26 engines on the Haltech Elite ECU using the PRP trigger kits. (etune options as well for remote tuning is no problem.)

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi, is it required to grind off one of the 12 teeth of the crank trigger disc (12-1) if using Elite 2500 ?

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Hey Jon, No you do NOT need to grind off any teeth. You can use the 12 crank 1 cam trigger setup no problem. (We setup and tune MANY RB engines on a 12 crank/1 cam trigger configuration with the Elite 2500, Motec M1 and AEM infinity.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Fuel tech can handle either option, I would recommend you talk to your ECU tuner and see what they want to use. 12 or 12-1 (there are benefits to both so really depends on your tuner.)

  2. Dan says:

    What trigger kits work with the link G4+ ecu on a rb?
    Also will running hks vcam step 2 make any difference?, many thanks

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