8 years ago Mitsubishi fans were heart broken with the news that Mitsubishi was to discontinue manufacturing the potent 4G63. The 4G63 had seen its fair share of production and proved itself to be incredibly capable. However, going on almost 20 years, it was time that Mitsubishi brought a new engine to the market. Most enthusiasts claimed the new 4B11 engine that came with the new Mitsubishi EVO X was not going to be as capable as the 4G63, primarily because of its aluminum block. As time has passed though, we have come to realize the 4B11 is also a great engine with many benefits over the 4G63. Doing away with hydraulic lifters and going to a cam over bucket system, dual MIVEC on both intake and exhaust, a 4 bolt main cap, are only a few of the benefits the 4B11 has over the 4G63.

We’re not here to discuss all the pros and cons of the 4G63 vs 4B11 debate. We are here to help you take your Mitsubishi EVO X to the next level! With 8 years on the market now, there are a lot of great parts for the Mitsubishi EVO X and today we are going to cover some of our favorite and hands down some of the most well engineered parts available for the EVO X from Radium Engineering. While Radium Engineering doesn’t offer parts that will make your EVO X faster, they do make some absolutely key components that will help you achieve higher power levels with enhanced reliability, consistency, and safety.

Let’s take a look at what all Radium Engineering has to offer for your EVO X.

Fuel Pump Hanger

Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger

Arguably one of the most well thought out parts Radium Engineering makes for the EVO X is the Fuel Pump Hanger assembly. By doing away with the factory OEM fuel pump assembly and replacing it with the Radium Engineering hanger, you’ll be able to integrate 1 or 2 fuel pumps into an easy to install compact setup. With a single -8AN feed and single -6AN return port integrated into the assembly, you just drop it right in with the fuel pumps of your choice and it is held down with the OEM flange. There is also an electrical bulkhead connector that connects to the OEM fuel level sender, fuel temperature sensor, and fuel pump power (we HIGHLY recommend upgrading the wiring to the fuel pumps with a proper relay and avoid using the OEM fuel pump relay at all costs)

Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger

Another huge advantage to the Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger setup is the revised return port and Venturi jet pump that is included. One of the big issues with the OEM fuel pump hanger is the restrictive return port and Venturi jet pump. When using high-flow aftermarket fuel pumps it has been seen that this restrictive return port and Venturi jet pump are soo restrictive that they end up causing unwanted back pressure in the return line and can result in excessive fuel rail pressure.

Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger

One of the final details that truly makes this a special part is the 2-piece collector box that sits at the bottom of the fuel tank and greatly helps improve fuel supply around the fuel pump inlets. There are two 1” check valves incorporated into the front and rear of the collector box that serve as trap doors, helping keep fuel around the pumps and not sloshing around in the fuel tank, potentially resulting in a low pressure fuel situation and possible engine damage during hard driving.

Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger

When upgrading to the Radium Engineering Fuel Pump Hanger it is important to note that the OEM hangers post pump filter is eliminated so adding an inline low micron aftermarket fuel filter such as the Radium Engineering 10 Micron Stainless Steel Inline Filter (20-0220-03)

20 0249 Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger Return 2

For further reliability for fuel delivery when using the Fuel Hanger Kit is to also upgrade to the Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger Return Kit (20-0249). With this kit, you’ll get all the necessary fittings, hardware, and hose to convert your OEM fuel feed line into the return line for the fuel system. This will allow you to run a high flow fuel feed line and do away with the restrictive OEM return line that is only ¼”!

The Fuel Pump Hanger is available in several configurations so there is sure to be a fuel pump solution to fit your intended goals:

  • 20-0241-00 – Pumps Not Included, pre-wired for Walbro GSS342 or AEM 50-1000
  • 20-0244-00 – Pumps Not Included, pre-wired for AEM 50-1200 E85
  • 20-0241-11 – Single Walbro GSS342 Pump Included
  • 20-0241-21 – Single AEM 50-1000 Gas Pump Included and Installed
  • 20-0244-01 – Single AEM 50-1200 E85 Pump Included and Installed
  • 20-0241-12 – Dual Walbro GSS342 Pumps Included and Installed
  • 20-0241-22 – Dual AEM 50-1000 Gas Pumps Included and Installed
  • 20-0244-02 – Dual AEM 50-1200 E85 Pumps Included and Installed

Fuel Rail Kit

Staying on the topic of fuel delivery, Radium Engineering also offers a high flow fuel rail kit for the EVO X. This fuel rail has a large 0.69” inner diameter bore that is capable of supplying fuel to even the highest powered engines. The Fuel Rail is CNC’d from 6061 aluminum and then given a black anodized finish. The fuel rail is compatible with all fuel types including all alcohol fuels.

One stand out feature on the Radium Engineering Fuel Rail Kit is the fact that it is the first and only fuel rail on the market to support an aftermarket fuel pulse damper. When using large injectors, the opening and closing of the injectors can create pulses in the fuel rail which can lead to fluctuations in fuel pressure. To combat this issue, Radium Engineering has taken great pride in developing the best aftermarket fuel pulse dampers available. These fuel pulse dampers simply screw right into the fuel rail, giving you an incredibly consistent fuel pressure, resulting in a much smoother idle and benefits throughout the entire RPM range.

Radium Engineering fuel rail

The Radium Engineering Fuel Rail Kit is available in two options to suit your setup:

  • 20-0112-02 – Fuel Rail Kit
  • 20-0112-00 – Fuel Rail Kit, OEM Configuration

Catch Can Kit

As performance enthusiasts, we should all know how beneficial a good catch can setup is on a high performance forced induction engine. Sometimes an overlooked component, but an upgrade that can result in noticeable improvements in power and reliability. The Radium Engineering Catch Can kits cover all areas of the EVO X crankcase PCV system ensuring that you are leaving those performance degrading oil vapor, water vapor, and unburnt fuel trapped in the catch can and not routed back into your intake system!

The Radium Engineering Catch Can Kits come with 2-piece sealed, easily serviceable canisters. These canisters include a dipstick for checking the level of fluid in the canister, O-ring ports for excellent sealing, threaded mounting bosses, and stainless steel filtration media to further promote the condensation of the oil and water vapors found in blow by gasses.

Radium Engineering Evo X catch can kit

The Radium Engineering Catch Can Kits come in a few options to suit your needs:

  • 20-0105 – PCV Line Kit for all EVO X Models
  • 20-0106-08 – Crankcase Kit for 08-09 Models
  • 20-0106-10 – Crankcase Kit for 2010+ Models
  • 20-0181 – Crankcase VTA Kit for all EVO X Models
  • 20-0108-08 – Dual Catch Can Kit for 08-09
  • 20-0108-10 – Dual Catch Can Kit for 2010+
Radium Engineering Evo X PCV catch can kit
PCV Line Catch Can Kit Installed


Radium Engineering Evo X crankcase catch can kit
Crankcase Catch Can Kit Installed

Clutch Fork Stop

Rounding up the selection for great parts from Radium Engineering for your EVO X is their Clutch Fork Stop. A common problem with the pull-type clutch slave cylinders found on all 5-speed manual transmission EVO Xs, comes from hard shifting and clutch pedal operation. When driving aggressively and shifting hard, the clutch fork can return too far and cause the throwout bearing to un-clip from the clutch fork.

Radium Engineering Evo X clutch fork stop installed

The only fix once this happens is the timely procedure of removing your transmission and re-clipping the throwout bearing and hoping that no damage has been done to the clutch itself. The Clutch Fork Stop is cheap insurance you can install in 10 mins and can save you an incredible amount of time and hassle!

Radium Engineering clutch fork stop

20-0262 – Clutch Fork Stop EVO VIII, IX, and X


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