Using a Rally style Anti-lag system

After such positive feedback to our last post (click here for the Intro to Anti Lag) explaining the basic functions and design of multiple types of Anti lag systems aka ALS we are back again to provide a LONG overdue follow up. I will go over the 2 most popular Anti Lag Systems that we commonly set up and tune both these kits are available now and currently on sale here: Throttle Bypass ALS and Secondary Air Injection ALS.

What if something as simple as the flick of a switch meant your turbo would deliver any amount of boost you desire from idle to redline? Imagine power bands and torque curves from your turbocharged engines that give big block V8’s a run for their money. This is no fantasy, with the help of antilag turbos can be kept “spooled” creating a very usable power band through a much wider RPM range.

Not sure what Turbo, wastegate or EBCS to use with our Antilag kits? Check out the list below for our top recommendations: 

Starting with a quick review, Anti Lag systems are used to build boost on turbocharged engines in situations where the engine’s exhaust cannot provide enough energy to spin the turbine wheel at the desired rate to create boost on the compressor side of the turbo. IE: Low rpm, low engine load and low throttle openings (lifting during a corner on the circuit).

The only factor limiting the shaft speed (aka turbine rpm) is a lack of energy in the form of pressure and heat from the exhaust pre turbine wheel. This problem is most commonly addressed by introducing a combustion event pre turbine wheel leading to a dramatic increase in energy (heat/pressure) which intern increases turbo shaft speed leading to the BOOST we all love so much.

Already familiar with anti lag but worried about damaging expensive parts? Don’t be, a correctly set up and tuned Anti lag system will not lead to premature failures.

Contrary to wide spread rumors throughout the internet started by people who more often than not have no hands on experience Anti lag systems can be set up from mild to wild and tuned aggressively or with reliability in mind.

Of course, when we are working with a professional race team (HUGE budget) a turbo may only need to last for 30 min. or 1 race and we can tune VERY aggressively. For weekend warriors and even street cars the balance is easily shifted to provide years of reliability with boost on demand. Using ALS turned on or off with an arming switch and a more mild tune than what we would normally use in a track car.

tuning graph

These days almost everyone is familiar with “drag” style Anti lag tuning which is basically a second rev limiter aka 2 step rev limiter that is tuned to adjust both ignition and fuel trims when activated just before “launching” the car.

So what do you do about turbo lag caused by lifting off the throttle through a corner or turbo lag when shifting? This is where the “rally style anti lag” comes into play. While a drag style ALS is pretty straightforward to set up and tune the rally style ALS requires far more attention to detail to ensure there is no damage to any mechanical components IE: exhaust valves, turbo manifold and turbo.

Types of Rally style Anti-lag

Over the years our team of tuners and engineers have been hard at work fine tuning 2 types of “rally style ALS” to provide the boost response needed for rally/rally cross, drifting and even circuit racing at a competitive level.

The simpler of the 2 systems is most commonly referred to as a Throttle Kick ALS or as we call it Throttle Bypass Anti Lag kit.

The second type of system is a Secondary Air Injection system (AKA SAS) This type of ALS introduces air from the compressor side of the turbo into the exhaust manifold pre turbine wheel.

The SAS ALS system offers some huge advantages when compared to the “throttle kick ALS” however SAS also requires extra hardware and an advanced EMS to properly tune the ALS.

Check out our complete Secondary Air Injection anti lag kit.

antilag kit air injection

Secondary Air Injection ALV (anti lag vavle)

The Secondary Air Injection anti lag system or SAS has proven to be one of the most effective and efficient anti lag systems and is widely used throughout motorsports. While this system works great it does require specific hardware, IE: Valves, control solenoids, boost/ vacuum can, lines, fittings and a proper Engine management system to control everything.

One of the largest benefits to the SAS anti lag systems is the fact the air used to create combustion in the exhaust manifold completely bypasses the engine which means much less stress on the exhaust valves.

Brewed Motorsports is currently using the “secondary air injection ALS” on our KA24-T powered wide body S13. This SAS rally style Anti Lag system is also set up on a switch so you can easily turn the system off when on the streets.

In order to use the SAS anti lag kit you will need to weld the supplied fittings (2pc) to your exhaust manifold these fitting will then be connected to dual 15mm hard lines leading to the ALS valve. This AL valve is controlled by the ECU using a series of vacuum solenoids and a vacuum can.

You can also order Velocity Element aka VE turbo manifolds pre fit with our anti lag system!

Throttle Bypass Anti-lag

Using a “throttle kick ALS” keeps things simple and does not require all of the extra hardware associated with SAS anti lag. The down side is you must pass all air and fuel through the engine in order to get the air/fuel mixture into the turbo manifold for combustion. This adds extra stress to a few engine components in particular the exhaust valves. When properly tuned the “throttle kick/bypass anti lag” is incredibly effective and reliable.

Brewed Motors is currently using the “throttle kick ALS” on our 4g63 powered Galant Vr4. Check out the pictures, links and Video to see the throttle bypass style anti lag system in action.

Rally Style Throttle Bypass Anti-lag Kit

Original price was: $619.00.Current price is: $589.00.

The throttle bypass anti-lag kit from Brewed Motors is a complete kit intended to be used with in conjunction with a stand alone engine management system. This kit uses a 12V solenoid that is actuated by the ECU and bypasses air around the throttle body. Complete kit comes with everything you need for easy install!

The Throttle Bypass rally style Anti Lag kit features all the fittings, line, wiring and solenoids required for installation. There is no need to modify the throttle body this system is fully functional without opening the actual throttle plate any further so you can retain a smooth idle with the ALS off.

Add Anti-lag to any Engine

If you find yourself fantasizing about running an Anti lag system on your turbocharged engine don’t hesitate to drop us a call or email.

Brewed Motorsports is currently offering a number of different Anti lag systems and tuning packages to provide you with the fast spool, boost response and performance our customers have come to demand. The Throttle Bypass and SAS Anti Lag systems deliver reliable boost and huge torque gains. 

To get the most out of any ALS the ECU needs to be tuned according the driver demands and desired usage time of the turbo. We offer in depth tuning support for Motec, AEM, Haltech, ECU Masters, Cobb and many other ECU's.

**Complete packages with tuning available for all our anti lag kits via E-tune or in person setup and tuning services.**

Want to learn more about how a turbo and Wastegate work? Check out this great article by our partners at FFrides where they break down Wastegates and the difference between an Internal/External wastegate.

Rally Style Secondary Air Injection Anti-lag Kit

(1 customer review)
Original price was: $789.00.Current price is: $769.00.

Our Secondary Air Injection Antilag kit "SAI" was developed to support serious drivers that need to maintain boost pressure even when lifting off the throttle. Commonly used in rally racing we have now started to use this SAI antilag kit for drift cars and time attack builds. Our complete kit is easy to install and…

8 thoughts on “Rally Style Anti Lag System Setup and Tuning

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Hey Eric,

      Our antilag kits will work with any turbocharged spark ignition engine. For the best performance and reliability the ECU will also need to be able to control the fueling and ignition during antilag use. We offer a number of ECU’s and Tuning services that support our antilag kits, feel free to contact us if you have ECU specific questions.

  1. Dan Dissanayake says:

    I am in the process of planning full rebuild of my lancer evo race car for 2022 season.
    Does any of your ALS systems suitable for out and out competition purposes?
    if so, which type ?
    could be set up to provide the desired effectiveness, for very short distance ( between 1.8 – 2.8 km) close circuit race applications and hill climb tracks with multiple corners with very short point to point bursts ?
    the engine set up is group A spec with series production turbo charger.
    I am also in search for a reliable Race Engine builder who would have the sound Motorsport experience having worked on evo engines and have wide knowledge in planning the build to suit my required application.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      Yes we offer a range of antilag systems, ECU tuning, Track support, Data Analysis and full Engine packages for competitive Motorsports drivers/teams like yourself. We support Rally, time attack, drifting, Rally cross, touring cars, Hill climb, off road and more. If you would like discuss our race service programs and engine packages please email us directly using the contact link below.

  2. kenneth beauchamp says:

    How does the ALS system work with electronic waste gates and a blowoff valve at my intake? Would I need to completely remove these systems from my intake and exhaust setup as i have it currently ? With the electronic ALS could you guys have it tuned for a few settings from “off” to “mild” to “aggressive” (what is actually being tuned boost PSI from the ALS valve?) that i can select from a potentiometer switch on wheel ? That’ll allow me to easily switch from street mode to track settings.

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      there are a lot of variables here to consider. The Antilag kit is just the hardware needed to bypass compressed air into the exhaust manifold pre turbo.
      Electronic wastegate and BOV will need to be controlled and tuned via the ECU just like you would if they were boost/vacuum actuated. How aggressive the antilag runs will completely depend on the tuning of the antilag system via the ecu (how much fuel is used and what where the timing is set).

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