We like to joke about our addiction to cars and the internal combustion engines that make them so fun. Something about the sounds, smells and moving at high speeds (straight or sideways) gets the adrenaline flowing in just the right way. Unfortunately driving a purpose-built track car on the street does not make for a good daily driver. Things like solid engine mounts and spherical bearings versus rubber bushings make for a less than “comfortable ride” not to mention the sound of straight cut gears and fuel pumps whining away. So what’s a motorsports addict need to do? Build a “street car”!

BMW E36 sedan (4 door)

RB25det engine/transmission swap (custom mounts/oil pan)
Velocity Element dual pass radiator
Velocity Element coolant swirl pot
2.5” Aluminum intercooler pipes (Brewed Fabricated)
GT-R intercooler with modified end tanks
Velocity Element Intake manifold (forward facing TB and raised velocity stacks)
Stock exhaust manifold/turbo with external wastegate (funky EWG setup came with the engine)
3” exhaust, 1 muffler with dual 3” VE Y pipe axle back
AEM e85 fuel pump (310lph part # 50-1210)
Maxima Flex fuel sensor kit
4 piston toyota calipers (front)
2 piston r32 calipers (rear)
Bilstein front struts/lowering springs
BC rear Coilovers

Currently upgrading the fuel system to support a new SXE turbo by Borg Warner:

Radium adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Radium inline fuel filter with Stainless element
Velocity Element Twin Scroll T4 Thick wall SS manifold
Tial MVR 44mm V band waste gates
Tial BOV
Velocity Element Secondary Air Injection Anti-lag kit
Injector Dynamics ID1700x fuel injectors

At Brewed Motorsports Thailand we needed a parts/people runner, nothing that would see track time, just something a little special to get things from point A to B with a bit of fun inbetween. What we ended up with will forever be one of my favorite street cars to cruise on the raised tollways of Bangkok. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for a follow up article with more pictures and a video from some of the local Bangkok car club meets and cruises.

Being a daily driver, the E36 of course rocks full interior, stereo, AC, etc. and with 250-320 HP (depending on fuel available) scoots along quite nicely and actually gets decent fuel economy at 10 KPL city and 11.5 KPL highway. With future plans of adding a Velocity Element twin scroll turbo manifold, Tial MVR wastegate and Borg Warner 62mm FMW s362 turbo matched with a set of ID 1000cc injectors the E36 street car still has a long way to go.

Digital dash and in car PC systems:

Updates from the RB25 powered E36 Thailand street machine Feb. 2018:

In classic reliable BMW/Nissan fashion, the E36 and its RB25 heart have been boosting around the streets of Thailand on sugar juice (e85) for the past 3 years. With only basic maintenance and a good tune the old E36 has made many a road trip out of Bangkok down to my favorite “secret” beach to escape the city. Here are a few pictures from the past 5 years in Bangkok and around Thailand.

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