When Honda built the S2000 they did more than a few things right and provided a great platform to expand upon. One of the greatest features of the S2000 has to be the F series engines, IE: F20 and F22. Honda built these engines to make reliable power from 5000-9000rpm. While both engines produce over 200hp from the factory and pull hard all the way to redline (8500rpm for the F22 and 9000rpm for the F20) the high strung NA engine’s power band does leave the driver craving for more.

Full Race Turbo Honda S2000
S2000 ECU tuning

Turbo S2000

One of the best bang for buck engines/cars to tune has to be the Honda K or F series swaps with a turbo. (this includes F20, F22, K20 and K24 engines). These Honda engines are so well built even a stock engine will support 500+hp using one of the turbo kits we offer. Of course reliably run any turbo kit a motorsports grade ECU package becomes a must. Using our Motec, Haltech, Emtron or Link ECU along with our plug and play harness options for all the S2000 applications gives you all the tuning capabilities needed. Using any of our S2000 ECU packages delivers a clean and reliable plug and play installation that has never been safer or easier to set up. With a long list of engine protection features and available inputs all our ECU packages for the S2k are truly a perfect match for anyone looking to get the most out of their build. Way back in 2016 a good customer approached us to do the final setup and tuning on his S2000 project. Below you can see the final results and note this car is still on the road running strong as of 2024 with no signs of stopping anytime soon. (updated March 4, 2024)

Plug & Play S2000 ECU

Beginning with the s2000 ECU set up we started wiring in the couple extra pressure/temp sensors to the DTM12 accessories connector on the plug & play harness. Adding a fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, flex fuel sensor and wide band o2 allow any of our S2000 ECU packages to closely monitor and provide fail safe strategies for oil pressure, fuel pressure and lean protection to name just a few. These fail safe or Engine Protection Strategies (EPS) can easily save an engine during a mechanical failure such as a failing fuel pump, regulator or oil pump/pressure issue. Alternatively you do not “need” to install any of these extra sensors if you don’t want however they provide incredibly cheap protection for your engine. You can run the your S2000 with all stock oem Honda sensors with any of our ECU packages however we highly recommend at least a wide band o2 sensor be used.

Link ECU Plug In G4X for Honda S2000


After years of working with the Link ECUs we are happy to offer a Plug in ECU Link G4X for the AP1 S2000 Honda Motor. We have spent the time to ensure all of the Link G4X functionality is used to the AP1 S2000 advantage including live map switching, anti lag, rolling launch antilag and…

Turbo S2000 build list

S2000 ECU Tuning

With the wiring done and the Plug and Play S2000 ECU installed we turned our attention to the exhaust side of the engine. Turbo Honda engines with long tube headers/down pipes have a TON of exhaust surface area which can easily melt vacuum lines, wiring etc. To avoid an engine fires or damaged wiring we turned to the tried and true V.E. Fire Sleeve, available in a multitude of sizes this stuff is perfect for covering engine plumbing and wiring. Don’t be a rookie, using fire sleeve is KEY to ensuring all plumbing and wiring stays safe from the exhaust. Of course the battery and fuse box are also in need of heat protection so we whipped up a nice aluminum heat shield and covered it with the Velocity element gold foil heat reflective tape.

Honda S200 flame thrower

After starting the engine on a custom Brewed base map for the Full Race Turbo kit and ID1300 injectors we proceeded to break in the new engine with “light-medium” driving/revving. After the vacuum gauge stopped climbing the break in oil was changed out and filter cut open/inspected to ensure no contaminates.

Haltech Elite 1500 ECU HT-150900


The Haltech Elite 1500 series ECU has proven to be one of the most popular ECU options available for all of our 4 cylinder customers looking for Motorsports functionality at a price tag that won't break the bank. Purchase your ECU and Harness together and get $100 credit towards any of our Haltech specific Etune…

With over 20 years of ECU tuning experiencing creating a custom base map for any new engine or build is not a problem. This ensures an easy engine start up and safely running in the new engine has never been easier. Full support available through our E-tune service from base map through full engine/transmission tuning to long term data analysis race support we are here to ensure your race program runs as smoothly as possible. Once the freshly built engine was started and warmed up we change the oil for the first time. With fresh oil/filter and gasoline in the car the tuning began and went rather quickly do to the fact we setup and tune countless turbo S2000 ECU packages.

Flex Fuel S2000

With the gasoline tuning completed I moved onto the Ethanol aka E85 and flex fuel blends portion of the tune. A few pulls/data logs later and the E85 portion of the tuning was completed resulting in 462hp, boost target was set to 18psi but do to the small internal wastegate even at 100% duty cycle the boost would taper to 15psi by 7700rpm. *The internal waste gate is a big restriction here; we highly recommend external waste gates like the Tial MVR 44mm whenever possible. This same set up with external waste gates will make well over 500whp at the same boost levels and provide much better boost control.

Flex Fuel Sensor (Ethanol Content)

Original price was: $189.00.Current price is: $119.00.

The VE Flex Fuel sensor allows you to fill your gas tank with any Ethanol or Gasoline blend such as: flex fuel, E85, E20, E10 or pure gasoline without the need to switch maps or retune! This is the perfect solution for converting your engine to run on any blend of Ethanol/gasoline. VE Flex Fuel…

After dialing in the E85 or 85% ethanol content fuel I started slowly blending in gasoline to reach different ethanol content to refine the “flex fuel” portion of the tune even further. The trick for tuning flex fuel is to first tune pure gasoline and then the highest % of ethanol you plan to run. From here you slowly blend the fuels and tune the “blend maps” accordingly, I also like to use a second VE map for further resolution to ensure the engine runs perfect on ANY fuel blend. While blending the ethanol fuels we will normally move in 10% increments IE: after tuning for E85 I will add gasoline until I have E75 then log/tune followed by more gasoline to get to E65 and repeat until you are back to pure gasoline. Again this is simply to ensure the engine runs absolutely perfect under any condition with any fuel type.

Honda S2000 turbo
Turbo S2000 ECU tuning

Flex fuel tuning is our specialty and we guarantee unmatched performance and drivability with any of our ECU packages paired with our Flex Fuel E-tune service. Those who wish to tune themselves can utilize our Brewed "learn to tune" service. Thanks to the already tuned/tested base map and step by step support making changes to your own ECU calibration can be done with confidence. No more need to rely on the sketchy local tuner you can do it yourself! PLEASE note only a fully tuned and tested “flex fuel” calibration will safely deliver all the power available based on ethanol content. All our S2000 ECU tuning packages offer a high resolution tuning solution for flex fuel at a motorsports functionality level. (WAY above an beyond and stock ECU/Hondata option).

Wideband Knock Sensor Kit (Coax Shielded Harness & Bosch Knock sensors)


The Velocity Element Wide Band knock sensor kit is a complete kit with Bosch flat response knock sensor(s), shielded coax wire harness, locking wiring harness clip and m8 hardware for a perfect install. The kit is compatible with almost any engine management system/ECU. Using our kit with wide band knock sensor and complete shielded coax…

S2000 Knock Control

S2000 ECU tuning for individual cylinder knock control coupled with a VE dual knock sensor kit delivers a clear “tunable” frequency, flat response or “wide band knock sensor” knock signal. This high resolution engine noise data can then be fine tuned even further calculating precise ignition/fuel changes per individual cylinder. HIGHLY recommended for turbo S2000's, while the stock Honda knock sensor does work ok it can only pick up a very narrow window of the engine frequency. With forged pistons, bigger bore or longer stroke this frequency needs to be tuned. To learn more about Knock sensor tuning: Knock control tuning

Data Log: a recording of engine sensor data used to diagnose, tune or trouble shoot an EFI engine.

Knock: a frequency, sound, vibration from an internal combustion engine, often used to describe pre ignition or detonation

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