Emtron SL6 Standalone ECU


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Emtron’s SL6 ECU will support up to 6 Channels of fully sequential Fuel and Ignition making it ideal for any 6cylinder such as 2jz, RB26, VR38, VH35, S55 or any other 6cyl you want to run. Every unit is housed in a durable billet Aluminum enclosure and includes 32MB permanent memory for on-board logging, 4-channel oscilloscope function, DBW control, Knock control up to 2 channels using digital filter technology, high speed Ethernet communications and 3-axis G-force sensing to name a few.
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Optional Sensors & Acc. for Emtron ECU's

  • emtron tuning cable

    Cable for logging/tuning Emtron ECU's

  • emtron ECU mount

    Billet mounting kit for Emtron ECU

  • emtron SL ECU plugs and pins

    ECU wiring harness connectors/pins (A/B)

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