SR20det AEM Infinity ECU Plug n Play Harness


After years of development the Velocity Element Plug & Play Harnesses for the SR20det, SR20de and SR20ve engines offers a clean motorsports friendly and functional plug n play solution for the RWD SR20 & AEM Infinity ECU on the market. VE & Brewed Motorsports have spent the time to ensure all of the Infinity ECU’s functions are used to the SR20’s full advantage including live 12 position map switching, anti lag, individual cylinder knock control, rolling launch anti-lag and much more. Please note the AEM infinity ECU has been discontinued as off 2023. We highly recommend using one of the newer ECU packages listed below.

Check out SR20det ECU article for all the details on all our most popular modern standalone ECU packages for the SR engines from Haltech, Motec, Link ECU and Emtron.

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