The Best SR20det Standalone Engine Management Systems

Here at Brewed Motorsports we’ve always had a soft spot for the SR20det, no matter the chassis the little Turbo SR20 is a great platform. When it comes to making reliable power a big step for any car enthusiast is moving into a standalone ECU. We’ve done the hands on track testing with a huge range of ECU’s and ECU packages to help ensure we have the perfect standalone package for your SR20det goals. 


Below is a list of the best ECU packages and options available for the SR20 engine. While there are still other options like the Power FC, which we still offer Etune services for the Power FC is a very outdated ECU with extremely limited functionality when compared to the modern ECU options listed below. 


Link ECU packages:

With the most budget friendly option we have the Link plug & play SR20 ECU. They offer two options being the 76 pin plug and play ECU and the 64 pin option as well (covering S13, S14, and S14 SR20det engines). One noteworthy thing with the Link ECU if you want to run extra sensors you do have to buy their Link ecu expansion harnesses and to run CANbus communications you have to buy Link CANbus adapter harness, you can run things like your link canbus Wideband or even an AEM CD7 digital dash with the CAN adapter harness. These adapter harness options make for easy install/smooth trouble free installations. We also support tuning for the Link ECU to make the transition to your new Engine Management System even easier.

aem infinity 506

AEM Infinity 506 Plug n Play ECU packages:

Our AEM Infinity SR20 ECU packages are a clean simple option that deliver huge Motorsports functionality right out of the box with a very affordable price point. We run this exact package on our SR20det swapped BMW E30 shop car. This package includes the Infinity 506 ECU + adapter harness to your OEM harness: The adapter harness has an integrated 12 pin DTM connector for future expansion like fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, MAP sensor, or intake air temp to fully convert to speed density and get rid of the restrictive MAF. The Infinity 506 ECU also has a built in wideband o2 controller which allows you to run a 4.2 LSU O2 sensor directly off the ECU. This saves $$$ compared to the Link of Haltech which require a separate wideband controller. Rolling launch, anti-lag, flex fuel and DBW support are all fully supported by this AEM Infinity ECU package. Needless to say we offer AEM Etune services for the Infinity ECU.

haltech elite 2500 GTR

Haltech Elite Plug & Play ECU packages:

One of our most popular packages is the Haltech Elite 1500 PnP harness, to be paired with a Haltech 1500 ECU. The Haltech Elite package we offer for the SR20det is specially catered to those SR20 owners planning to add modern functionality like DBW, closed loop O2 Lambda and knock control to their SR20. We of course offer Haltech Etune services to support any build from mild to wild. 

Motec M130 ecu

Motec M1 ECU packages:

If you are looking for the best look no further our Motec M1 ecu packages are configured specifically for each individual build to ensure the best possible electronics package for your build. We offer an entry level budget friendly Motec package for featuring the M130 GP Lite firmware perfect for any SR20det build that will not be using DBW functions. For those that will be using DBW functionality or need a full Motorsports grade package we offer the Motec M130 ECU with a range of Firmware options from GPR to GPRP pro (the latest Motec firmware with Torque vectoring and paddle shift support). If you have any questions about these Motec ECU packages and options please be sure to contact us. We offer custom packages and firmware specifically built for each induvial user. Complete packages with ECU, wiring, PDM and C125 Motec dash for a turn key Motorsports grade electronics solution. 



Which option you choose is up to you, but either way getting all the supporting sensors allows us to setup and tune a number of VERY important engine protection strategies as well as closed loop compensations based on things like fuel pressure. All the sensors listed below are compatible with all of our ECU. These are the exact sensors we use in ALL of our shop builds including daily drivers and Motorsports completion use vehicles. 

velocity element s14 intake manifold


If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you with your build, from parts to tuning support and data analysis we can help you get your car running perfectly. 

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