Hypertune SR20VE P11 & P12 Intake Manifold rwd VVL SR20


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The SR20ve P11 and P12 Hypertune Intake manifold is designed for the ever popular RWD VVL head swapped onto SR20″det” block found in the Silvia. Choose between a Hypertune 77mm of 90mm throttle body flange for quick throttle response and the ability to support the high RPM power band of the p11 and p12 VVL cylinder heads.

Hypertune Intake Manifold Options (4-cylinder)

Silver or black options are standard and are available at no extra cost. If you want to take your intake manifold to the next level you can choose to custom color each component (plenum, runners, head flange). After your order is placed we will contact you to confirm your selections.

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  • hypertune EVO fuel rail

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    Hypertune fuel rails are a perfect fit for the hypertune intake manifolds and feature a 14mm injetor port. (use with 14mm oring injectors)

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