Dyno Tune, E Tuning and track support for AEM Motec & Cobb

Brewed Motorsports Tuning Lab is proud to offer support for all of the industries leading ECU’s and engine management systems. Brewed services include everything from full track support, Dyno tuning, E-tune, custom mapping and even a Learn to tune training program to teach you how to properly use and tune the EMS or ECU of your choice on your own vehicle. All E-tune customers will start by adding their vehicle and modification details to our online E-tune database.

Dyno tune & E-tune services

Base map Starting at $290

Start up calibration specifically mapped to your ECU engine/mods. Perfect for engine start up, engine break in and driving to the dyno. These are a perfect starting point for someone putting together a new project. It is VERY important that a new engine be started and broken in with a safe tune.


Dyno tune Starting at $800 ($200 per hour minimum 4 hours)

Complete engine management tuning service, includes pre tune inspection to ensure all parts are in working order and the engine will perform at peak efficiency. Traveling for tuning is our specialty, if you need a tune but do not have a trusted tuner available we can come to you.

dyno graph

E-tune Starting at $390

Full tuning service done over the internet through data logs. All of our e-tune services include step by step support to teach the customer helpful tricks regarding the EMS/software including; data logging, syncing the throttle, O2 and ignition timing before the engine is ever started. These skills are very important to learn as they allow you to correctly monitor the build for years to come. Click here to check out exactly how an Etune works.

Additional fuels IE: E85, C16, Methanol, etc  starting at $150

Tuned for pump gas and want more power? Ask us about tuning options for your favorite “race gas” or go green and use Ethanol! If you have already been “Brewedtuned” we will give you a $50 credit to make the change to Ethanol or E85 #gogreen.

data log
E-tuning EVO 8 2.2 stroker with water meth injection on AEM EMS v2

Power adder Re-tune

A very popular service for all our returning customers looking to squeeze out some extra power. This includes Nitrous, water meth and more.

Nitrous tuning $200- Spray is always a great way to make some extra power and help spool a big turbo. Wet nitrous system or Dry nitrous system Brewed Motors has you covered.

Water Meth injection $150- Water Meth injection tuning turns pump gas into something more. Turbocharged engines will gain between 10-30% more HP and torque. Contact our team for details on the best water meth kits available on the market today. Whether you are using direct port injection or single port Throttle Body injection water meth helps to cool the intake temps and prevent knock in the engine. The Methanol content also increases the octane rating of the fuel which means more reliable power at the wheels.

Anti lag no lift to shift aka Flat Shift $150

This is hands down one of the most rewarding things you can do to your turbo car. No lift shift allows the engine to maintain full boost during an up shift which mean NO turbo lag. We regularly see drag cars drop 2 tenths of a second or more just by implementing flat shifting.


Brewed Motorsports E-tune on Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R twin turbo Stock Block limited to 19-20psi (circuit racer)

Track Support & Data Analysis

Brewed Motorsports track support & data analysis services have quickly become one of the most popular tuning and service options for drivers and race teams looking to drop lap times and get those podium finishes. Brewed Motors has a team of professional technicians and tuners on hand capable of preparing and servicing your race car for any track or circuit event. We offer both on site support as well as remote data analysis options including driver coaching based on vehicle dynamic data.  For track service requests and pricing quotes please email or call to discuss your race schedule and support options.

Brewed track support touring car

On site tuning and Track support Worldwide*

On site tuning services are available upon request. (Tuner travels to customers location in order to tune/service the car in person). This is a popular option for individuals and shop owners who need a reliable tune for their customers cars or personnel race cars. We often visit shops around the world for 2-3 days and tune 5+ cars in one trip. On site tuning trips are Expensed and billed to the customer as follows.

Travel expense + Room and board + Tuning services ($200 per hour, minimum 5 hours)

Example tuning trip for 2 cars: Round trip flight + airport pick up + 2 night room and board + 4 hours tuning for each of the 2 cars.

Please contact us with requests, we have a very busy schedule don’t wait until it is too late!

driver change Mugen civic track support

Here is a brief list of just a few of the EMS’s we supply, service and tune. Motec, Cobb, Pectel, AEM, Infinity, Power FC, Hondata, Haltech, DTA, HKS, DSM link, Cosworth, ECU Flash, Link, Mega Squirt, HP tuners and stock ECU tuning and chipping) Please feel free to contact us with your tuning/mapping needs.

Full Race Project R14
Brewed Motorsports track support for Full Race R14 at Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout
Buddy Club DC5
Brewed Motorsports track support for Buddy Club Thailand DC5 k20 tuned DTA fast S60 EMS