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SR20DET Standalone ECU Options S13/S14/S15


The Best SR20det Standalone Engine Management Systems Here at Brewed Motorsports we’ve always had a soft spot for the SR20det, no matter the chassis the little Turbo SR20 is a great platform. When it comes to making reliable power a big step for any car enthusiast is moving into a standalone ECU. We’ve done the…

Cobb Tuning Green Speed update: How to tune a Subaru now?

15017-TD8R-SW STI haltech ecu package

Cobb Green speed EPA regulations update tuning modified Subaru’s. On april 18th Cobb changed everything. Long story short Cobb Tuning removed a lot from their software functionality per EPA regulations and the software is now much different and more limited only supporting the areas allowed by the EPA. While the new software update limits some…

Clutch Masters FX100 – FX500 & Twin Disk Explained


Clutch Masters Clutch Kits explained As an automotive enthusiast once you start modifying your manual transmission car and adding more horsepower than stock the first thing to fail is usually the clutch. This is where our friends over at Clutch Masters steps in.Choosing a clutch can be quite the daunting task with many stipulations that…