IS300 ECU Tuning

The Lexus IS300 not only looks great it also performs like a true 4dr sports car. Well, in stock form the IS300 is arguably missing some power BUT we are here to solve that. 

If you are planning to turbo your Lexus IS300 (manual or automatic transmission) we have all the parts you’ll need and the experience to ensure your turbo 2jzge VVTi NA-T runs strong and drives like a Lexus.

We do NOT mess around with piggy back systems like SAFC or Greddy E-manage as they simply do not work as well as a standalone ECU. We have spent years developing and testing our plug n play standalone ECU packages for the IS300 platform.

After years of testing we are proud to offer the most complete and effective IS300 tuning solution available. These packages will allow you to fine tune your IS300 with any 2jz NA-T, 1jz-gte VVTi swap or 2jz-gte VVTi swap.

With a proper tune and supporting fuel system the IS300 will easily support whatever power goal you can dream up. From a basic 400hp street car to a 1500HP+ drag car, we have you fully covered.

is300 aem infinity package
Turbo IS300 2jz-gte VVTi swap

Below is a list of all the supporting parts that you will need to make your turbo IS300 run better than it did from the factory while making at minimum double the power.

  • IS300 Elite 2500: Our Plug n play IS300 adapter harness (a clean/simple plug n play harness to adapt your IS300 to run the Elite 2500 ECU)
  • Haltech Elite 2500 ECU (extremely capable standalone ECU heavily tested on the IS300 with full DBW and VVTI support)
  • Tial MVR wastegate (this is a VERY important part of any turbo build, Tial produces the best/most reliable wastegates available.)
  • AEM 5 bar MAP sensor (reliable Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor for up to 55psi)
  • Garrett G35 1050 turbo (This Garrett ball bearing turbo offers great response/spool time and supports over 1000HP)
  • AEM 150psi fuel pressure sensor (Engine safety feature, allows ECU to compensate for drop in fuel pressure)
  • 3 port electric boost control solenoid (ebcs allows ECU to control boost target, very important for engine safety functions and far more accurate than any manual or external boost controller)  
  • ID1050x IS300 injectors are ideal for any Turbo IS300 making up to 600HP.
  • ID1300x IS300 injectors (perfect for 600-800HP)
  • ID1700x IS300 injectors (ideal injectors for 800-1000HP)
  • ID2600xds IS300 injectors (these are what you’ll need if you are targeting over 1000HP or planning to use methanol based fuel.)
  • AEM in tank high flow fuel pump (e85/ethanol safe)
  • E-tune Haltech Elite: (Once your parts are installed we can easily e-tune any IS300, this process is done through data logs and calibration revisions sent through email. Highly recommended for anyone running a standalone ECU as it will get you familiar with datalogging your Haltech Elite 2500. 
  • IS300 Silicone Radiator hoses (Replace your old crusty rubber hoses with high temp silicone. Silicone holds up better to heat and will last much longer than the oem rubber hoses.
  • IS300 rear traction arms (used to dial in rear alignment on lowered cars. VERY helpful for getting a better contact patch with a wide tire and lowered IS300.)

By using the parts from this JZ specific article it is now easier than ever to build a reliable turbo IS300 that runs and drives like it did from the factory but makes as much power as your heart desires.

We have setup and tuned a huge range of IS300’s using our Elite 2500 ecu packages all of which run reliably and make great power.

If you have any questions or requests about your 2jz or IS300 build don’t hesitate to comment below, send us an email or call any time. Our team of motorsports specialists is always here to support you and your builds.

Stock Block 2jz-ge NA-T IS300 at 9psi on Canadian 91 octane fuel:

8 thoughts on “Turbo IS300, build your Lexus like a Pro

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      If you package our plug n play harness with ECU you can use coupon code: hohu50 to get an extra $50 off your order.
      We also provide another $50 credit towards any Etune service with purchase of ecu/harness.

      If you need any help feel free to call us 888-290-3213

  1. Rod says:

    What exactly do i meed to run your setup with a 2001 auto is300 and have the factory transmission function properly?

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      We have plug n play Haltech Elite 2500 ECU packages for auto or manual transmission IS300. Both packages work great and if you are staying Auto that is no problem at all. If you would like to order one of our plug n play packages just shoot us an email or give us a call anytime.

      • Dee says:

        Wanted to do a plug and play auto with AA80E 8 speed. Will this plug and play kit ONLY work with the factory auto transmission or are their other alternatives to where the Haltech can be wired in to control the another auto transmission swapped in?

    • Eric_Brewed says:

      All the parts listed have current pricing so you can simply add them to your cart. All parts are also on sale right now so you get to save some extra $$$

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