Turbo K Series Tuning for Reliable Power

K series Motec ECU package

The K series engines have been well proven to support big power with the addition of a modern Turbo and good flowing exhaust manifold. In this article we will walk you through what parts are needed to build a reliable turbo K20a or K24a engine. Those working with the new K20c turbo engine should be sure to check out this article: K20C mods & Spark Plugs

Turbo K24 ECU Options

The most important part of any turbo K24 or K20 is a good ECU. Below is a list of our most popular ECU options for the K series family of engines. All ECU package include a base map configured for ID injectors and VE pressure/temp sensor providing a safe and easy starting point for your new turbo K build.

  • Motec M130 M1 series ECU’s offer top level Motorsports features & functions, if you want the best of the best Motec is it.
  • Haltech Elite 1500 K24 Plug n Play  Budget friendly ECU with user friendly setup and software. We use the Haltech Elite on 300-1500HP builds all with great success. 
  • K20 Link ECU Another Budget friendly option that packs great value for the price. 
  • Emtron ECU offer advance functions & features with uniquw configuration options perfect for modern cars/engines used in Motorsports.

K24/K20 Fuel Injectors, Fuel Rails & Fuel Pumps

Moving onto the fuel system we first look at power goals and fuel type to be used. Below is a list of the Injector Dynamics Fuel Injectors for the K20 and K24 engines. ID injectors are the only injectors we use as they simply work better than anything else on the market when it comes to long term reliability and consistent flow across all injectors. All ID injectors are engineered to be used with alcohol based fuels like ethanol, methanol, E85 and Flex Fuel. ***save $50 on any injector order with coupon code: hohu50***

radium K20 and K24 fuel rail

All of these injectors will work with OEM fuel rail or any aftermarket replacement fuel rail but if you are looking for the best option on the market go with the radium fuel rail listed above matched with the Radium DMR its a super compact and effective combo. We highly recommend running your turbo K on E85 or Flex Fuel if you have the fuel available to you locally. These alcohol based fuels allow the engine to safely make more power compared to running on 93 octane. 

Turbo K Series Spark Plugs:

Ensuring you are running the correct spark plugs in your turbo K series is one of the cheapest yet most important aspects of routine maintenance and tuning preparation. Follow this guide for: K20 & K24 spark plugs from our partners at FFrides to learn if you need 1 step colder plugs or 2 step colder and what gap to run your plugs at to avoid spark blowout. This K series spark plug guide breaks down the correct NGK Iridium spark plugs you will need to run in your Turbo K series based on your target HP goals. 

k20 race car Motec ECU Brewed tuned

K20 & K24 Turbo Manifolds & Intake Manifolds

Now that you have the supporting mods to actually run a reliable turbo K series we can dive into the fun stuff. Choosing a turbo manifold is a tricky task as you want to ensure you get a good high flowing tubular manifold for the K series BUT it has to hold up to the heat! Here at Brewed we only offer high end TIG welded thick material turbo manifolds. This ensures your K series will make all the power you expect and you wont have to worry about a cracked manifold. 
With the growing popularity of the K24 and K20 engines we offer both FWD (front wheel drive) and RWD (rear wheel drive) turbo manifolds. If you are working on a FWD/AWD Honda setup we have you covered with the VE side mount V-band K series turbo manifold. Those of you swapping a K24 into an S chassis, BMW E46/36, Skyline, RX7 or just about any other RWD chassis can run our VE RWD K series V-band turbo manifold. 

Speed Factory Turbo manifold K20 and K24

The Best Turbo & Wastegate for K Series Engines

When it comes to choosing the right turbo and wastegate for the K20 or K24 it’s important to consider your power goals and error on the side of “big”. The Honda K series cylinder head flows extremely well and to get the most out of any turbo K the turbine (exhaust side of the turbo) and wastegate must be able to keep up with the flow. The last thing you want is a small turbo choking out your power from 6000-9000RPM or a small wastegate causing big boost creep problems. Below is a list of our most popular turbos and wastegates for the K series. All of these turbos/wastegates feature a full V-Band inlet/outlet configuration for easy install and leak free operation. 

  • Tial V60 Wastegate is a 60mm external wastegate perfect for any K series making 500+ HP. Using the tial 60mm WG ensures super accurate boost control and 0 boost creep potential even at high RPM
  • PTE 6870 Ceramic BB turbo packs a HUGE 1100HP punch in a small package. This Turbo works great on any turbo K series build looking to make over 600HP
  • PTE 6466 Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo is a medium sized turbo that will make 450-500HP on low boost stock engine. Turn it up with a build bottom end and the 6466 will support 800HP no problem with great response. 
  • Tial MVR wastegate The tial MVR is a 44mm external wastegate that is a good budget option and still works well IF you are willing to deal with the boost creep that comes with running a smaller WG. 

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